Menstrual period women can wash your hair

women during the menstrual period to the care of the body, so as to reduce the occurrence of diseases, and menstrual period women can wash your hair?Introduces for you below.

the doctor answer: a lot of people say period can not wash your hair, is that if the period shampoo can cause hormone imbalance, resulting in blood impurities, residues in uterine hemorrhage under a lot of damage to the body, ah, serious can cause cancer.Actually this is wrong.Hormone (endocrine disorders is not caused by menstrual conditions, and associated with physical, psychological, environmental and genetic factors.Cancer is related to human living environment and living habits, if menstrual period do not pay attention to life habit, can lead to blood stasis in stop, lesions can be, but not cancer.

women menstrual period, resistance to drop, if the body is cold, the qi and blood, also can cause menstrual disorders and menstrual cramps, therefore, the menstrual period shoulds not be blowing cold, wading in the rain, wash feet cold water or cold water, don't eat cold food, these are reasonable.But with warm water bath to wash there is no impact on health.

menstrual period women can shampoo

how menstruating women does not hurt the body shampoo?

as far as possible during the day at noon shampoo, and pay attention to wash time is shorter, wash a head must spend more time to dry, wash a head to go out soon, outdoors can be put on his hat, prevent head cold.If is an office worker can't shampoo during the day, according to the rule of thumb, suggested that as far as possible not in physiological period of the first two days to wash, optional on the third day of the menstrual blood less again after washing, washing must be completely dry, have the experience, as long as find you should develop the habit of physiological period come quickly to wash your hair.

during menstruation, sometimes feel discomfort after wash hair, then you can use special hair dry cleaners dry cleaning.The dry cleaner penetration on the gauze, gauze set again on special brush, brush the surface of the hair, first brush from hair root to hair tip, then brush the inside of the hair, brush the scalp.

in addition to the period to wash these daily problems, menstrual period or pay special attention to.Because period of wrongdoing is can trigger "menstrual disease".Need to pay attention to the behavior has the following kinds:

1, unfavorable eat Fried food

Fried food is also a taboo by deceit of women.As endocrine of progesterone receptor affect, menstrual period women sebum secretion increased, oily skin, capillary expansion at the same time, the skin becomes sensitive.When eating Fried food, can increase the burden of skin, prone to powder, acne, folliculitis, have black rim of the eye.In addition, due to the period of fat and water metabolism slows, at this time to eat Fried foods, also easy to fat in the body of hoarding.

2, menstrual period for sports note

during menstruation, vigorous exercise, such as the high jump, long jump, running, playing football or induced increase body discomfort during menstruation, or even cause dysmenorrhea and menstrual disorder.Some exercise increases the strength of abdominal pressure by sex, such as weight lifting, dumbbell also should avoid as far as possible, otherwise it will cause menstruation or excessive menstrual extension.In addition, because the menstruation is slightly open state of cervix, uterine cavity, bacteria easy invasion increases the chances of infection, caused by all kinds of department of gynaecology inflammation, so menstruation is unsuitable to swim.经期也不宜参加比赛,以免因精神过度紧张,导致内分泌失调而出现月经紊乱。For a girl with severe dysmenorrhea and genital inflammation, period is the best sport.

3 bath, menses note

the menstrual period, how to take a bath to conform to the requirements of the health care, is indeed a very important problem.In growth period, women almost every month to menstruation, every time a sudden time lasts four or five days or longer.Problems during the winter, take a bath once a week is not big, can try to avoid the menstrual period, but the hot areas or season often do not bathe is often hard to stomach.

4, not suitable for eating raw vegetables fruit and cold drinks:

too much cold food, can reduce the speed of blood circulation, thus affect the contraction of the uterus, and menstrual discharge, cause menstrual discharge, dysmenorrheal.

5, inappropriate sexual life:

menstrual period factor uterine lining spalling, surface wound surface, in the event of sexual life, easy to introduce bacteria, make its retrograde, into the uterine cavity, intrauterine infection.

6, is not appropriate to wear tights:

hip circumference small tight pants will make local capillary pressure, which affects the blood circulation, cause vulva hyperemia edema.

经期可以洗头吗 经期头发洗还是不洗


period can shampoo?

a shampoo is a very ordinary things, but for female friend is extraordinary.Because to menstruation just don't know to don't wash your hair.That period of time can not wash your hair?Let's take a look at the answers together.

1、西医认为经期不能洗头是没有医学根据的,但中医的理论就不然。TCM holds that the first of six Yang, uterus as the starting point of the ren meridian, physiological period, the circulation of the blood is more bad.Made to focus the blood to the head, shampoo affect uterine blood circulation, make the womb blood can't rule out smoothly clean, easily caused by the decrease of blood volume or menstrual cramps.

2, on the other hand, due to the roots of the pores open, at this moment if the wind chill, is easy to cause headache problem, especially at night or wash your hair before sleep.


4、科学家研究结果也表明,如果月经期间洗头的话,由于脑部神经受到刺激,会造出子宫收缩。The uterine contractions, hormone secretion disorder will occur in the body.Accumulate over a long period that can cause cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other gynecological cancer.



1、在保持身体暖和和气候温暖的条件下,来月经洗头或者洗澡都是可以的。But it is best to avoid in a few days before menstruation begins, can wait until then menstrual quantity is a bit small.

这样做的好处就是既可以保证自己的头发的干净,同时也避免了身体受寒气的侵袭。It is also note, however, that must use hot water to wash bath.


according to doctor introduction, "the evening shampoo, and doesn't dry, can make the moisture in the scalp, night and condensation, so for a long time, will lead to qi and blood stasis, meridian resistance closed. If in the winter, cold dampness, are more likely to cause disease."So, had better not wash your hair before bed, if you want to wash, be sure to let your hair dry to sleep again.



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