What good morning drink?The five kinds of water can not drink!


in the morning, always feel thirsty?At this moment, in the early morning the first cup of water is particularly important, not only can effectively filling water, also can adjust intestines and stomach, cleaning body temperature.So, up in the morning to drink what good?To understand together.

after a night of sleep, the body in the urine from breathing, skin, consume a large amount of water, in a state of water shortage.Don't get up early to drink water is a little thing, not everyone knows how to drink to the health.Since morning, the water can't drink, and see it together.

morning drink? The five kinds of water can't drink!

1, the overnight tea

it is reported that if brew good tea place time is too long, the trace of amino acids, sugars and other substances can be bacteria, mold growth of nutrients, not only that, the tea in the tea polyphenols, vitamins and other nutrients will be placed too long time, and the oxidation reaction, resulting in a decline in the tea contains antioxidants, make its nutritional value and health care to play the discount.So, after getting up, bubble tea should not continue to drink last night.

2, weak brine

the pale salt water was used as the first cup of water in the morning, mainly because it can relieve constipation, but treat constipation water alone is not solve, but through the reasonable adjustment of diet.Modern sodium intake is too much, in the case of a body is not a lack of salt and then drink weak brine, can increase the salt intake, instead, let a person feel thirsty.Have hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and renal abnormalities are more not to weak brine as the first cup of water after get up, because the first summit of the human body blood pressure is in the morning, drink salt water can make the blood pressure is higher.

morning drink? The five kinds of water can't drink!

3, honey water

some people think that to get up early to drink a cup of honey water is beneficial to relieve constipation, but drink on an empty stomach is not suitable.The honey contains a lot of fructose and glucose, higher blood sugar, appetite, impact influence breakfast intake.In addition, honey into glucose metabolism of fructose should pass in a can be absorbed by the body to use, thus lost in the morning the first cup of water to clean the body waste, honey nutrients can be absorbed effectively.

so, after getting up, not hollow drink honey water, can drink a cup of warm boiled water first, again after ten minutes to drink honey water, also can use honey as a breakfast, put on the bread up to eat.

morning drink? The five kinds of water can't drink!

4, juice

a lot of women like a morning drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice to raise colour, it is not an option.

a, because of the sweet juice, drink on an empty stomach will impact appetite, eat breakfast.

2, is the body like a warm environment, especially in the morning, if eat cool things, can stimulate intestines and stomach, affect the digestion and absorption.

morning drink? The five kinds of water can't drink!

5, carbonated drinks

carbonated drinks in addition to can't provide the early human body need water, will also accelerate the excretion of calcium in the metabolism, and increase the body's demand for water, it is best not to drink in the morning.

warm boiled water is the best choice of the first cup of the morning.Water has no calories, you don't have to digest is absorbed by the body, not only can effectively supplement water, still can let blood quickly to dilute, promote the blood circulation, make people wake up faster.

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