wilderness act: gangs plugging bridge charge by sprouting new ones!

on december 13,"the wilderness act"pc for big update, and mobile terminal will also in 14 for an update.with daily tasks and the rating system gradually plump, make things more and more players in the game!

1, the wilderness society shakes

society has no definite action, just follow the rhythm of the strong swing."social shake"easy to learn, most of the action can improvise, optional combination(left and right, stand up, down, jump around, etc.).although only a few action but it can let the head, neck, shoulders and limbs stretch, whether go out or that occupy the home, can be anywhere at any time to a period, in combination with dynamic music, playing is in the home.

2, gang plugging bridge

players gang road, also blunt come over, even a fool?!in plugging of the bridge, should turned and ran back to the mountain, with one being a gun, they don't know where you are.

3, took a door

the comrades, thought just hit an suv, four players out at a stroke.nervous excitement to view the building lord, unexpectedly found out four box set into rules six-pointed star!xx express delivery member has listed the door, your pick-up code is 6666.

in the latest version update daily tasks, is opened the door of the new world.you comrades again met in the game what can blow a lifetime of fun?

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