travel frog: your frog husband not go on the trip but to eat chicken!

with the east wind, war drum.king glory be afraid who?

valiant and spirited.through the wire king my gun!

hello everyone~ i am everyone's favorite king explanation!

travel the frog is very recently formed a kind of little game to the fire.original explanation of kings have always thought that only the little frog is your son, see a lot of fans to give the explanation of message after king, king explanation just know originally it was your husband.king commentary here to an apology, forgive king explanation did not play!get back to business, do you think that your frog husband is not at home go on the trip?believe that you will find, after read the contents of the current you really deceived by the husband, he just didn't go to travel

first take a look at this normally see really just illusion, this is the most real your frog husband room look like?yes, in addition to various weapons and the map on the wall, cabinet on medical bag, body armor and backpacks on the earth.see you friend should know that these your frog husband peacetime all go doing the

if you still don't know, or can't believe, it doesn't matter, we'll have a look at your frog husband most real postcards.the most precious items and the learned, you frog husband just not to travel, but to eat chicken.

but it is also can forgive, after all, every husband has a dream to eat chicken.this is their most real postcards at ordinary times, we take a look at your frog husband recorded the process of eating chicken with postcard.after the first jump, then fall to the ground began to search for equipment.the same action, a look is old players.

a person how to face the enemy group incoming?it is difficult to, it doesn't matter, have a look at your frog husband send you back photos of friends at ordinary times, small crab is his teammates.just not in the understanding of the trip, but met playmate when eating brothers, not to eat chicken!small crab is the most solid backing your frog husband?

in addition to small crabs and of course the little butterfly.bullets of the battlefield, after a fierce fight a frog husband finally you eat the chicken.just this side is left with a small butterfly.what other teammates, the small crabs, small hamster seems to have been killed.the battlefield is really very bitter ah.ok, this content is here, your friend will also support your frog husband out to"travel"?are you more hope he go out to travel or to eat chicken?quick say you

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