wonder woman skin effects exposure hundred reduction action movie!

after the jade bracelet is launched today, small make up can't wait to experience a wave, although is difficult to get in the position, but this does not affect the events you rob hand speed of the hero in the match!

speak true, jade bracelet online is really strong, the hero late prophase strong output auxiliary capability is strong, is a set day beauty dote on in a heroine...

ok now, yes today is the skin, or news about athena wonder woman skin, news broke the skin every time, feel the body is empty one day than a day.

a skills

two skills

three skills

ground effects

on special effects

wonder woman actually its effects on the relative yu bingguan goddess is almost, is a bright spot is the true god fall on the ground after awakening effects, princess with cap on colour is a little similar, but the internal shape is better than the princess cap, and is not a statue.

but then again, from the skin and authorization perspective, both to keep full of wonder woman"authentic"also do not change the skill to do a skin, is really difficult.

actually not skin is not important, as said before planning model of ying zheng, small make up calculated as if the past is very long, but!planning has finally released today ying zheng new model!

ying zheng new model on the overall performance, in addition to facial features and temperament, neck was lengthened, but everybody to the requirement of ying zheng, too ugly, that is, the head and neck, heroes face recognition degree is low.

it has been revealed on the original painting haven't upgrade, mainly from modeling concept, let out main purpose is to let the player advice, gradually optimized.slowly to the desires of everyone heart image!

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