uzi state-approved!topped athletes influence index chart!


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small make up here has all the relevant content of the game, there are various inventory strategy of the game, and every day have different game consulting presents for you!walk past remember point, don't miss!some attention, don't get lost!

south korea e-sports powerhouse, is china e-sports is anti korea every year working hard, small make up that, to a certain extent, two levels of understanding of south korea, e-sports is a very popular industry, backed by the government;in contrast, in china, not only government hold a neutral attitude, more importantly, in the eyes of most of the relatives and friends, as long as you are a dozen of e-sports, no matter how big is your achievement, no matter you can earn millions of tens of millions, anyway, you is a play of the game!you must pass!you will regret in my life!

but, on the day before yesterday, on jan.16, 2017 chinese athletes influence index published in beijing.on the list, we can see a circle of e-sports fame very big name--

at the first glance is all zhang jike, sun, malone the world known athletes on the list, such as jane pride, namely uzi, footballer pressure great treasure, lin gao, nine days after pan xiaoting, ranked list the 20th!

although only ranked 20th, however, uzi is only a project is in the list of"esports"person, and since the list released have now only one on the list of pro!e-sports elders even can be classified as china's"emperor"sky didn't lucky enough to be on the list.

uzi able to obtain this honor is hard-won.born in 97 he and his friends are in college, he has joined the e-sports industry for six years!uzi, as it were, the whole youth to the hero of the alliance, to the esports.six years, of course, uzi has also made numerous proud achievements:s3 world first runner-up, and s4 runner-up, 16, 17 years two successive soloking...

uzi giving is great, he is also a great harvest.therefore, the credit for him!there must be a lot of people say smile small make up knows more than he.small make up is also a king of fans, but, to borrow a word:this age will not stop the smile that shines, but you can't cover the glory of the puppy now!king is very bad, just retired early.

in the end, small make up to say, this time the dog to the list, the national prejudice against e-sports has begun to change.i hope one day, esports can also like football, basketball, accepted by all people.

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