map of mobile game qq speed: these hidden running tips know how great god is abused you

in the qq speed, ordinary players and a great god is the difference between the thickness of the operation, and the understanding of the map!ordinary players actually many skills, but not apply to the racetrack, skilled processing curves and shortcut is not perfect, and understanding of the map is not a great god understand thoroughly!

the broken bits, sideways, left tail of what you don't have to speak to the first!today to say to you about some hidden on the map the running tips!!!!pharaoh pyramids

this figure should understand what meaning, take the car to accelerate, turn right(serious) don't drift, drift reduction!detailed explanation is that straight line shorter than the path of the curve!hill after the distance is longer, there is a high altitude, the following can accelerate, as this is not to be faster?

longmen new

see this rail, no place can go early, blocking is reduced.

wide cold fairyland

here when the banpo can across the past, so i can step on two speed belt!

charming aegean

nitrogen gas is put here, don't worry, in front of the walk from the left, down the free spray and spray the ground!

a short distance, a small spray speed up!


this few people become warped board go up...why not go up?this becomes warped board walk distance, it is another to accelerate the belt!

there are nitrogen, can be in, directly in the past!

adventures in snow

many a drift will bump is here, right?accelerating a decline in the slope, so must be very late when drifting over the curved, true not line, we had the cut again drift also in time!

so, see the great god how so strong?but this is only a primer, facilitate everybody understand the map!today just write a few temporarily, tidy up the other maps of small white to you again!

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