physical plugins available mobile game peripherals popular with the players desperately crazy to eat chicken

:desperately to stimulate the battlefield and desperately:army attack is licensed to eat chicken mobile game, the phone because the simulator game players experience, at present, mobile phone has been unable to match to the player, and simulators only match with each other.some players for the points on the hit list, and thought of to give cell phone keyboard, mouse or game controller, etc., these peripherals almost and"physical"plugin makes no difference, very affect game balance.

these are originally use simulator to play a game, because the official seal off the phone simulator match, players and put idea on the hand swim peripherals, this can say almost no way to sanctions!

you can see that some players using the keyboard, mouse, or game, game controllers is inherently a huge advantage, killing spree mobile ordinary times on the phone is difficult to finish operation, own use peripherals can do easily, and opened the plugin!

is a treasure to the peripherals sales, seems to be very good.

in the rankings game, in addition to some really strong, there are still a lot of people use peripherals impact points.

there are some players may have a doubt, these people make the computer directly to the driving simulator to play is not good?or to visit end line, also made on the mouse and keyboard, what also play mobile version?because the simulator will match each other, their strength and no, dozen however other simulator players.

the main, these people take a peripheral cell phone players will have a sense of superiority, himself in the end be born into a box, the results on a mobile phone is to eat chicken, became the masters, almost like opened the plugin, why go to the swim abuse?

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