50-50 and hopeless each live platform was questioning banned list 50-50 mc god bless all the columns

this morning, about more than domestic live platform by the authorities for questioning the news spread quickly on weibo.content is roughly:the relevant departments jointly multi-sectoral, last night(feb.11) overnight convene a meeting of the various head live platform in beijing, ask for each platform for a number of anchor banned, including mc god bless, 50-50 network anchors, etc.

after game hanging open public opinion as the beginning, resulting in the consequences of malicious directed fans 50-50, quietly after the broadcast to selectively, but have been followed by a variety of related news.period, named by the communist youth league, bettas are below penalty 50-50, white snake denounce bettas are using his wash 50-50 and so on and so on.the 50-50 i after things happen, and a few days off again.this time the news, more filled the 50-50 and hopeless.now, he still retained in the studio of the betta, just by the scattered barrage let atmosphere seemed mildly embarrassed

also by another named anchor is the mc god bless.the mc god bless banned, such as the host, will not be able to live on the platform, including the short video.in january of this year, there has been a live platform anchors shall be forbidden to use"mc"prefix, and announced the 77 first shout mic set as the song, including red advocate the masterpiece of god bless.

net friends how to think about this for a number of anchor banned?

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