jade bracelet skin was beautiful but it has already gone and old players to collect


jade bracelet is going to be online, also, this will also launch a new skin is called a house.not the kui is based on the background of china's classical beauty created a hero, look have feeling very much.on the new skin, everybody can see ribbons fluttering, in the hands of pipa has more famous race characteristic.head of the flower peony, but also the jade bracelet america laguna beauty let out of the foil.the new skin of the whole color is golden yellow, so the old players like me after see, hard to avoid some regrets.because, see golden skin, it is easy to think of the previous golden skin, like always feeling is old season.

s3 from start to the season,"the king of glory exclusive skin launched a season.is the gold series, as you know, the beginning of the skin, do manual work is very good.s3 season is king arthur's lion heart, king is zhuangzhou s4 season mirage, s5 season is the goblin king sun bin, s6 season is que gold king, queen's concubine celtic s7 season.the skin of the gold series, do more and more beautiful.although are less popular heroes, but also has the very high popularity.former golden skin, as long as the gold grade of the new season, a can immediately get victory.

the skin of this series, the overall effects is given priority to with gold.in terms of special effects, the most obvious is that sun bin and que, the obvious traces of their skills, so everybody out at a glance is golden.this series of skin from the demon king, took to the pure and fresh and route, tonal also more and more saturated.in general, as a free skin, particularly high price really is.don't know if you have noticed that a lot of players as long as you use the five heroes, basically use the skin.

since the s8 season exclusive skin completely changing style, become the fearless spirit of the five black style series.this series are drawn from the shanhaijing, hero is set in the fairy tale to create the skin.but to put it bluntly, is has no connection to match.the s8 is leitian zheng, integrated is too b reality of gluttony, s10 is cao cao candle dragon.this series of skin, are red and black is given priority to, so it is also very cool.but compared with the gold in front of the skin, are still a little gap on the image quality.

for the arrival of spring and valentine's day is near, so there must be a qualified skin back then.farewell my concubine, for example, or blinking, monty python, the limit, the calls are particularly high.but at the very least, these limits can also buy back of the time, however, the above this paragraph 8 skin, missed the can is really no chance.exclusive skin although old players have season will be a little more, but can the eight sets of skin, is really rare.

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