line out of the top!age of coser live one hour closed moon into easily through ten million

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24 enako(え な こ) is japan's popularity coser, in recent years, the comic market has excellent cosplay performance, moreover also released, pictorial book, etc.

recently, she in japanese television variety show"ダ ウ ン タ ウ ン dx"revealed his income, income in december last year alone more than 10 million yen(about 580000 yuan).

high popularity to what extent?shopping booth in the exhibition activities can have thousands of people lined up, cosplay photography will be taken more than 500 people.

enako twitter also introduced the variety show

now work is"for animation and game companies directly as a formal coser work", also have the manufacturer to want her cos a character, etc.

it is one of the important sources of income on the live app""chat and show, an hour to get about 200000 yen.

this is also a line out of them!want to know more about sister?direct search her name.

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