king glory premium content incentive plans announced the winners

"the glory of the king"premium content incentive plans announced winners

after a month of intense competition,"the glory of the king"premium content end of incentive plans.

there is old before the driver to drive the way, after eating the melon crowd joined the creators of army~

as a result, the harvest of this activity in just a month up to more than 6900 submissions,

big game in this thank you for the positive response of the author.

few words said, come and see you to stand out the winners of?

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high quality content in the

prize for high quality content


[email protected] ni

the submission for the manga king glory:thyme brothers to steal, and this kind of operation?"


[email protected] player community

the brother your age elder sister is also a legend! king rongyaoxing mulan yao don't pit result"

[email protected] quellien

the king glory illustration:pure white and swan, twin boy"

[email protected] glory korea kartrider

the king glory:mastered the wild catch a person's mind, at least up to the star yao!"

third prize

[email protected] play e-sports

the glory of the king:pure dry 丨 king reveal! speed mechanism of what you don't know!"

[email protected] glory hand swim treasure

the king glory:weakened ming the implicit+concubine black out of science and technology, go against output accounted for 60%,"

[email protected] inn

"from amateur to professional king glory professional start detail strategy"

[email protected] room

the king glory:plan to already a long time, a figure, king the team for about six months,"

[email protected] club

the king glory:new model army battle strategy, save later slowly see!"

[email protected]

the king glory fan-millennium

[email protected] e-sports

the snowball operating method, how to expand the economic advantages of"king glory 300 to 3000?"[email protected]

this is a cat li ah

the glory with the humanities-double orchid compact

[email protected] long wang who honor

the glory the five armies fight landing experience serving finally can show conjugal love with cp again"

[email protected] rays straight on highest heaven.

the childhood of dolls, middle-aged king of glory, they give me, only happy together!"

user choice award


[email protected] qin qi

the king glory:19 big update, officially launched two new heroes, estimates have to ban a"<br/>


[email protected]游戏驿站


[email protected]荣耀居


[email protected]小曼姐说游戏


[email protected]爱玩网


[email protected]电竞虎



[email protected]游戏小白兔


[email protected]游人馆


[email protected]电竞绅士boy


[email protected]王者大事件


[email protected] king video

the glory of the king:high grade only show off? now officially finally send star yao and above benefits"

[email protected]'s commentary game

the master king glory in folk to shake the monkey king using electric drill,"

language explanation of kings in [email protected]

the king glory formal suit update:kay become a thing of the past, the strongest fighters into the following three!"

[email protected] elder brother

the king glory:new hero capture mega star tiger and implement on-line pei pei can really incarnate the tiger tiger"

9 [email protected]

the king glory:25 to open the new season, the striker alliance, version changes to know first!"

[email protected] base

the king glory:leitian and cheng bite gold will be made waste, the two heroes are quietly rising!"

award for the best in

[email protected] explanation

"dan king glory:see how inscriptions page name? master with set of 6!"

[email protected] face small white fox

the king glory:skin s10 season, cold is still a super hero, positioning fighters with vampire"

[email protected] head e-sports

the glory of the king:the official reply skin back! four wizard will enhance!"

[email protected] lack of hastings

the king glory:the great wall is the most food organization! behind the three is the really big!"

[email protected] mi e-sports

the king glory:beautiful day! the moving knife 31 zen temple hero attribute cut! striker renaissance is expected to be!"

6 army of the [email protected]

"dan king glory:the new season inheritance rules, more have a lot of benefits waiting for you to take!"

[email protected] laugh-out-loud jun

the glory of the king:the hardest thing to get seven heroes in the game, has five winners in life!"

8 e-sports balsam [email protected]

the king glory great god offline dinner exposure, bronze player:this table of the king, too afraid to approach"

[email protected] e-sports

the glory of the king:a game 2000! this is probably most row below a game i've ever met!"

[email protected] glory big tease bug e-sports

the new skin, king glory s10 season zhuangzhou nine colored deer, prominent kun really lost?"

[email protected] commentary

the king glory:new players don't understand, old players see cry five pictures, memories kill"

12 [email protected]

the king glory 10 star star player every day with you really play the game"

[email protected] mobile phone network game

the king glory after adjusting for new year big hero, he will be the next kay?"

[email protected] broadcast ambassador

the king glory:monty dazzling waste, three new skin s10, wang zhaojun mi month has a"

[email protected] wukong game

the glory of the king who was a brother sword play zhang daxian solitary shadow? see the scouting!"

[email protected] king

the glory of the king:on january 9, after the update, winning a skin free exchange of high

[email protected] mouth king group

the strongest king glory:cosplay top4 reduction degree, the first one to let a person see the want to lick the screen,"

[email protected] dirty man

the king glory:12 sets of popular mainstream inscriptions is tie-in"

[email protected] explanation

the king glory:the japanese invited to dream tears show, 3 v5 cruelty springs! netizen:win honor for our country!"

[email protected] open black little helper

the king glory:he's a kpl within the court recognized as the strongest on the list, but nobody in qualifying,"

[email protected] little elder brother

the first king glory:canyon mage striker, netizen:43 yards shoes wear!"

[email protected] phillips

the king glory:ruban seven astronauts skin exposure, shelves crystal shop soon!"

[email protected] mountain rangers

the king glory:the new version strong one-on-one hit rankings, less popular hero prize!"

[email protected] as coffee

the glory of the king:a skills can block everything? miyamoto don't naive, these skills are ignored the block"

[email protected] water say

the king glory:sun exposure from the background, with the great wall grudge clearly! pei escape tiger is a traitor!"

[email protected] soft sister

the glory highest achievement is not the king of kings, the district only one person to the into"

[email protected] guagua

the glory of the king:his yang jian limit in the year of dog skin group cp 10000 point buy local tyrants said"

[email protected] fun game network

the december king glory anchor popularity rankings:sword play, heat up, but still at the top of him!"

@game daily jun 29

the glory of kings glory:guy to spend 900 dollars to smoke crystal, see the rewards smiled"

[email protected] net game

the pesticide weekly:the glory of the king turned from tanks glory glory striker, new heroes d first"

[email protected] you

the king glory:experience on january 25, open grab, today to teach you how to get the quota of 100%,"

[email protected] pk network game

the big power power first, lin update less than top ten"king glory"star grade list,"

[email protected] yan explanation

the king glory:monkeys beat four hero, big joe row 4, first place naturally gram monkey"

[email protected] cia

the king glory:still don't know how to match? inscription the only three minutes, teach you how to play the inscription!"

[email protected] glory on king

the king glory:five strongest shield hero, born two lives, ask you afraid of?"

these awards by the headlines, and the glory of the king's official game together, also please keep an eye on big game official accounts of the upcoming activity summarized by micro headlines.

congratulations on winning the authors, we will contact you, please keep your headline number, keep clear of communication equipment, do not believe that unofficial information.

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