boy swam back when the day comes back online received return gift claimed: need to uninstall the game

at present a lot of players have said to swim back, all sorts of reason to exist, not even kneeling is be unload gas to the game, many players are like this, in a little bit ok so s10 season, actually a lot of players don't give up the game, sometimes boring will naturally play up, king glory is arguably the most attractive hand swim, swim back a lot of players, but didn't give up the player is not in the minority.

senior one has friends, that player is playing for a long time the king of glory, may be because there is no time to play games, so give up this game before two months, in the near future, according to the man himself a bit of time, you want to play the game, a game on the received official exclusive return gifts, that player claims to uninstall the game, what's the matter?

as you know, old as long as a period of time don't log in game now, so after login again will receive a gift, this is the official presented to return to the player, then what on earth is this gift?just heard, senior gift level calculated according to the time the player is not login, such as half a year not logged in then the gift will be very fat.the guy 88 days without online games, so he really is a what kind of gift would say want to uninstall the game?

88 days not online king glory for the return of the gift.

for you recommend hero:mozi experience experience card card, zhang liang.

you commonly used the skin of the hero:the gospel of heaven, the era in the future.

gold coins and experience, open happy black:double coin card 7, 7 double experience card.

may ah the players to these gifts are no interest, but also, this kind of items in the game are very common, that is probably one of the most valuable zhang liang limit the skin, but this is experience card, after using the skin is not so can't use, the guy is expressed dissatisfaction for these gifts will uninstall the game again.above senior is also give you said, the game is not log in for the longer the return of the gift the more rich, senior the friends only 88 days are not log in the game, if it is not log in the game will get a year?is there any friend know?

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