little wisdom about how to determine the host real number: you can think of method had thought about others

now live as an emerging internet profession, momentum has soared, even to the point of the whole people live.anchor as well as various types of games, many stars will from time to time to live, even the tang guoqiang, zhang zhaozhong have experiences in b stand live.announcers' signing bonus is also rising, some even reached tens of millions.

zhang zhaozhong

into judgment live do not succeed one of the most important factor is the growing popularity of anchor and received as a order to attract popularity, many anchors can be said to be doing all they can, took out a variety of unique talent, some still play a variety of"chip", of course, the live platform to promote his own host, fraud on the number, or what we said, once let live industry appears very the former single eldest brother on the omg gogoing live, shows that there are 5.9 billion viewers.

we all know, of course, the growing popularity of platform, but so we don't know the host of real number, about how to judge the true sentiment, is also debated.some people say that we can see barrage, some people say that we can see the heat, some said sentiment by certain proportion is real number.

as a famous hero league game anchor, explanation, little wisdom already live in business for many years, the insider to live is more understanding, let's take a look at how he said.

here is a little wisdom words

because i was working platform, so these things about live platform must know more than the average person.i will ask you anchor true number how you look, some people say that with the barrage, some people say that heat to watch the news, you can rest assured that you think of these people would have thought of, the somebody else than your in the mind to better understand how the hype.

the zha look?or you will have some commercial spies, other platforms that help the technician to give us a number off, or to understand bandwidth use chain from the professional sector, from the analysis of the anchor real users.i also said a while ago, real number more than 100000, more than 10 anchor at most three or four hero alliance, and more than hundreds of signing bonus 20 million started, if you are packing 30 million started a little bit better.

little wisdom

from the words of wisdom elder brother, we in the ordinary audience want to know the true number is difficult, for the wise elder brother, how do you?

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