practice a faker and shouhei technology?up for admission directly four kill!

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the new swan because

d because of recently returned from rework, according to the practice in the first version of the dimension for necessarily with strong"invincible" proved his spell damage is very high, we have seen some of the earlier attire pbe player test, especially the q, puzzling, and cd a very short how are the hero in professional opinion?faker recently just got the new dimension unable to extricate themselves, has been described as the world's first one single swan faker hands?together and see it!

explosion output

due to the development of early is better, mr nini low level active gank archenemy, the result was killed him against small skills directly.'d for e skills will pull control, and q skill damage is extremely high, cooperate together especially close is enough.w has the ability to explore horizons, and casting range is very wide.

1 longer cooling time

over the old version, the new vegas due to large cooling time is very long, is a regular class.and according to the passive storage pieces have additional injury, a vampire ability will still be in no time, d because of the need to rely on their own small skill to play big when, due to no displacement, potentially life-saving ability is poor.

pure ap mage

after the revision, d could not be as before with big recruit frequent consumption, short of capacity method, so it can say that he has turned into a pure ap mage, of course, some people like to take him to the playing field and on the list, but due to high damage, ap equipment income is good, so or mage is the mainstream.

big faker recruit four kill!

d fragments for full time, his big recruit would consume all pieces release high explosive now the new vegas for up for this period of time, is a time when he hurts the most extraordinary.

faker, due to the 15-2-11 data

faker rune:enlightenment-unsealed techniques-a stopwatch-will be the future market-astral insight, deputy department witchcraft-fast-storms.


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