tencent two hand tour early experience both pk who desperately better?

this morning, tencent two survive the jedi mobile game together, and finally be driven on the end by the spring festival on this"train".studio both products are respectively the photons of the jedi:stimulate the battlefield studio and days of the jedi lore:army attack.

the author for the first time experience respectively the two game, the game as a preliminary comparison and distinction.the author of the mobile devices is the current android distribution.

the author studio beauty experience is the first day of the army attack, this name is also easy to beauty, reminiscent of the day the king of glory.the army attack at present by default only to high quality, the highest quality has not been open, the author of the models is the current android distribution, but also because of the high quality of the journal and all the attack is not currently supported open high frame rate, so i can only bring quality and down to a"standard", open and high frame rates.

open high frame rate and fluency of the game experience is really good.in addition, the game in the bottom of the screen can click to replace directly big block weapons set also do well.pick up props aspect, the system will automatically help players to pick up, there will be a decision mechanism at the same time, the default directly"ignoring"the system think don't need to pick up items, such as lower level of helmet, backpacks, and weapons after the bar is full automatic wouldn't pick up a pistol and so on.

as for the reduction degree, handle, etc., are fairly game performance, not disappoint the author, but also have no surprises.i have a feeling is still not sure, it seems that the army attack on the ballistic judge slightly small bugs.

of course, due to time reasons, the author only experienced a plate, talk about feelings also is for reference only.

followed by experience of photon studio"battlefield stimulation", as time is limited, only to play the game, talk about feelings are for reference only."battlefield stimulus"open the choice of a higher quality, the author under the condition of higher quality setting, feeling the obvious because of the army attack picture, although still relatively vague vision modeling, stadia and not far, but obvious close shot details is better.of course, after all, the author in the army attack can only open to the standard quality, standard quality and the somebody else than the highest quality, and then said that the army attack quality worse, it is somewhat arbitrary.only hope that the army attack can open the setting of the highest quality support as soon as possible.

but just personal thought,"battlefield stimulus"in touch and to survive the jedi on the reduction of relatively better,"battlefield stimulus"auxiliary aim seems to be more accurate, better get started.for mobile game to eat chicken, the author is not a novice, two months have been playing, in the battlefield"stimulus"that only one station, the author has successfully completed the two head out.but in the army out of that one, i have experienced one"human master stroke".

however style of battlefield"stimulus"appears to be darker, the author used to set the brightness of the phone itself somewhat dark, plus"battlefield stimulus""soft tone", in some scene is full of grass and straw, the author preliminary feeling, near to observe whether there is"voldemort"mildly"uncomfortable".need of special note is, of course, this is not the only set of battlefield"stimulus", it also supports the player in the game to adjust color is more bright-coloured.

two preliminary experience, in general, their similarity with the survival the jedi did overall higher, notably the battlefield"stimulus"is more outstanding.but both game had not showed a particularly large window, no other derivative of fresh play support.in fact, the mobile terminal users and pc users of the chicken to eat chicken or have bigger difference, and survive the jedi only"like", also it is not enough to guarantee the product stand out in the market.

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