trap avoidance strategy high decomposition puzzle skills pit dad play daqo

trap to avoid high 2 strategy decomposition mystery skills pit dad play, magical traps to avoid the second game of brain circuits has released, let us avoid the small hidden traps in our daily life.trap to avoid 2 strategy to teach everyone how to help the hero in the game, from one another out in the trap.


pick up behind the little people to play basketball, the basketball to the leading role, the protagonist will throw out the basketball, and the dog will go after basketball.

the dog left, click on the trampoline, leading role can be playing on a trampoline, smoothly!


remove the bottom right hand corner stone, until the leaking water crossings.

when water will flow into the sewer, not flooded to the leading role, can smoothly.

the third clearance

click target, move the targeted before.pick up the headphones on the tree, leading to wear.

then click on the go, publish or perish hit the bull 's-eye smoothly.

4 off

to see the end of the bed, open the quilt to find a book, the book to show the protagonist can let nod off to sleep.

wait about 10 seconds or so, time will change from night to morning, sleep to nature to wake can smooth customs clearance.

5 off

to pick up the coin on the bus card, the coins to the leading role leading role would be to throw a coin out, and the other a man waiting for the bus will go to pick up the coins.

to pick up the bill, while waiting for the car come up and open the door, click the door to go on smoothly.

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