no activation code!two legitimate desperately to swim at the same time open today

today(9 february) at 10:00, survive the jedi two genuine hand swim":desperately army attack"and"battlefield:desperately to stimulate"opens the test together.

:desperately army attack is tencent pubg company production of hand in hand, days beauty studio group of new mobile game desperately to ew, games in the mobile end completed original end to survive the jedi way props, maps, and graphics on the classic reduction.this low-key opened on january 28 technology for the first time test, and test on february 5, open a new technology, many players to experience the high degree of reduction of the original hand tour.

"battlefield:desperately stimulation"is the original fighting desperately specially trained tour, hand by tencent photon studio group team developed more than 200 in january 31 opens the android technology test.

two game of all belong to the open test all test platform and opening up, don't need a activation code.the current mainstream models have been covered, can support hundreds of models, and continued to optimize, model gradually open more experience, please refer to the following website present, the micro letter with other account user temporarily does not support each other.

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