days have level under the beauty of this dish chess: the number two technology series skin soon!

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have to say the king glory is really a hero rather complicated relationship between the game, but the authorities in stylist also can be a hero of the hero's all the same, today will give you look at the hands of kings official chess under what level!

in the first place in the beginning of the great wall guards~ once upon a time where there is what the great wall guards, but officials have already will five members on the clothing design of a sign of the great wall guards, you didn't pay attention to the details of the official before~

then technology series skin~

but small short-legged recently exposed a new skin-space exploration!attention to see the little short legs skin cap space space exploration is the central also has a number:7!just that is science and technology is a kind of skin, showing two hospitality and 05 and 06 set series of science and technology in the future will skin line~

there is about the end when the new skin is in indiana, and diamond indiana or integral prabhutaratna frontal problems;after the skin had revealed that will no.1.15 to a diamond thing;but today after the update skin becomes 2.16(on), specific or integral is diamond indiana stupa did not say, less than personal feel a little more likely to diamond indiana~

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