game a betta elder sister princess lingxue live account has been banned by the barrage rhythm mentality collapses on the spot

this afternoon, the anchor desperately betta princess lingxue in live, day account can be banned.and there are many questions in the ensuing barrage is snow mm use bots, to crash the snow mm mentality on the spot.

snow mm is now live bettas are most heat anchors, even by some water betta friend as bettas are a on this afternoon, the snow mm because kill too much, or it may be because the blue hole today updated inspection mechanism, causing the snow mm 1 day account tips can be banned, released on february the face of the unexpected, snow mm seems to be not prepared, followed by barrage with rhythm, affected the live broadcast of mentality.

then snow mm shows his own account, and find out a 64-bit id, and invite you to come tomorrow to see if account unlock, if the unlock represents his innocence.

before, open hang snow mm has been questioned, and suffer an account is real hammer, and snow mm later clarified that's room account, not their own, denies the existence of hanging them.

mm afternoon broadcast live to see the snow, this is banned belongs to detection probability is bigger, should not exist the possibility of using plugins.

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