guy use than gold treasure chest probability testing after said not to buy a hero

king glory recently launched an lucky head box treasure box, treasure box contained in the awards respectively:single head frame, 2016 valentine's day to commemorate the head box, 1000 gold coins, 128 fragments inscriptions, 88 pieces of inscriptions, 58 inscriptions.these rewards are very rich, a treasure chest sells for 600 gold coins, so what is the probability that the treasure chest?

a gold recently much more special guy just try once, said they want to test, the probability that the treasure case above you can see, this guy has 180104 coins, prepared 180000 to give everybody to test this treasure chest of probability, how in the end, we take a look at.

in 2016 when the head is valentine's day to commemorate the box, the young man has been in use for 11400 gold coins, the players and the remaining 172104 gold coins, on the way to obtain a big bob inscription fragments and gold, we remove the activities in a treasure chest of gold, the player is using the 11400 gold head box was achieved.

when open until the second head box, the remaining 165504 gold coins, as you can see and use a lot of gold coins to get head box, midway or debris, and gold, with a number of inscriptions are increased in, when the guy smoking to single head box will no longer use the treasure case, so you guess what is the final test results?

may be a lot of players will feel, basic need about 10000 gold coins to get a picture frame, is it true?if combining with the way to gold coins?according to the man ah, is about 7300 gold coins a picture frame, the player has two head box, basic it is about to draw this number.

after the players said very regret, although won a big bob inscription fragments and head box, but also turned out to be 160000, 180000 the entire sent more than ten thousand, and finally the player says than some heroes come time point, why the players will go to test the treasure chest?reason is that all the heroes have, so gold is redundant will give you test only once, even so players regret, take the treasure chest of friends also regret?

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