lol little wisdom: long before i said that this platform will than cattle selectively now fully fulfilled

recently this period of time can be selectively rhythm, at first, the game host various quarrel, and then anchor was hammer open hanging in the event happened, the brother recently out of the snake events, from the current situation in canine teeth seems to become the biggest winner, so it's some netizens have said this is selectively to cold.

recently hero alliance anchor little wisdom talked this topic in the broadcast, said kathleen said in fact himself very early canine teeth will rise, just at that time no one believed also said that because i hate to black betta also selectively canine teeth in the water, now have a look at all fulfilled.

the following is a little wisdom words:

at an early age i had said a word, when i say don't listen to bettas are newbier canine teeth is the boss, have little dragon you recall this sentence, right, that you say when i say this words canine teeth also take when propaganda, canine teeth boss may they all thought that he could do, bettas thief think this funny, thought it's too little wisdom than the, say what play tiger tooth is boss we bettas is unrivaled.

the problem is that the audience friends, a lot of data in that place, my in the mind all have i said i know, this is sure to make the tiger tooth, according to the canine teeth this pattern as long as it's not him than he can do it, so i say the words i said tiger tooth is the boss, do you have to go online to check the news now, but then someone in that smile, ha ha said to bettas have stereotypes stereotypes bai, forcibly dragged canine teeth in the water or something, not now you see all sit quasi, all is true, isn't it including the open list i hung said that wang hang open to an accident, step by step according to my script to all, you don't understand it is sometimes the audience friends, you think only step between brother can walk, feather immortal is loathe to give up you.

much my little wisdom, indeed, early little wisdom there is mentioned in the list of open hang it live, now also is very fear thoughts, hard to say hosts have been hammer hanging them are planned?for little wisdom what do you think?

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