if miss filed wind that year how to pursue his net friend: if the express the wind?

although the game over the hero alliance their peak, but had to admit that this is a very successful games, at the same time, the game grew out of e-sports related industry also got very good development.miss and if the wind is, so to speak on the game made profits, and they two in circles has a delicate relationship, the two men is very suitable for together, but they haven't been publicly acknowledged that together.

this circle is miss hero alliance one of the first batch of the host, the small desert has been suggested that miss and the richest two little wisdom is this circle, so with that said, if the wind than assets may miss.so if said if the wind really chase to miss, that is really earn big, is directly to the top of my life.recently, miss in the diary of qualifying 473 issue of the program mentioned if the wind, the game is a dragon lady playing field, residual blood prince be after, miss eventually escape.by this time miss naughty said:"if you don't chase me, you see, before, how to chase the wind you see after get?"

although miss hurriedly say a joke, but it obviously in signaling, pick up the signal with a big nose should have.if the wind has recently because the 29 kill chicken account blocked, many netizens questioned is hanging open, if the wind i also is very worried about, said it would find official prove himself.but including west card, if there are a lot of net friend said to the wind character still can believe, and in this sensitive period, believe that if the wind will not be so silly.but at this time, hear miss so to speak, the in the mind also get pleasure.

circles became many couples hero alliance, and if the wind and miss eldest brother and small pale, both for has maintained close relations, but is never publicly admitted.and before the little wisdom and eve legna, is it a pair has been thoroughly cool air, because eve legna has got married and wild silkworm potatoes.whatever you do, miss now have such as girls, and if the wind is really active, netizens also very happy to do, after see if in succession at the wind, and said it was miss in the express you.you have anything to say, welcome to leave a message.

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