the clothes to eat chicken map chinese exposure site name!which place is the most worth?


hello hello~ what are you most looking forward to the game in 2018,?should be desperately kingdom is suit?since tencent dad announced agent dress, we are eagerly looking forward!and all sorts of emerge in endlessly about the clothes to eat chicken is everyone's appetite, experiences in recently, official finally announced a more important information-the clothes the location of the translation, quick take a look at, is there any place you often want to jump?

:coastal fishing village

outward name:pior town

small fishing village is often less development site, because of remote location, so rarely have the first circle of poison can be included

map point, leather city

outward name:school, pochinki

point and leather city is often the two large resource point closest to the airline, 3 head and 3 armour has a great probability to refresh the points in the two resources, so the two position is often"blue mining box"and"box nun 1"was born the most area.

on the east coast:the city of tuscaloosa, prisons, power stations, m

outward name:mylta power

we are familiar with the"mlta"in china has been translated into meters, and the eastern coastal areas in addition to the prison, the city and the power station is where players very, very little, because is not far from power stations is m, and the resources of medium-sized towns is quite enough.

the airport name:

outward sosnovka island

airport this spot should be the most the most fat, the map resources, so many great god will often choose priority to jump at the airport, to the airport two bridge is also the highest concentration of the fighting.

big city:ye

outward name:yasnaya polyana

the whole place is in addition to leather city and the point of another big resources, ye whole location generally is fairly close to the first circle of poison, also have quite enough vehicle, so the location is the best placement in the minds of many.

the west coast:geely port

outward name:georgopol

this position can search area very very big, so the corresponding resources much more special, but because the position is not very good, so relatively direct jump at geely port are also less.

southern coastal:split port

outward name:primorsk

this position basic won't someone to go to, because it is the airport to the east, the northeast is a fishing village and city, north is mine, so many excellent resources around it, few people naturally jumped.

north coast:holy hill

outward name:stalber

if the poison can brush in this position, in a 98 k can be said to be the one on the holy mountain when people kill each other buddha to buddha, so this position in special cases it is the place where will be fighting!

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