mlxg selected ritz wild miserably by teammate question is an actor!incense pot witty reply smile urine!

mlxg tonight when live met a funny thing, his rank in the selected, the hero beat wild, of course, familiar with incense pot netizens will not feel surprise, after all, he often play some wonderful work hero, only this time to select the ritz play wild, were teammates questioning is an actress.

select, the hero, after entering the game, his home in the captain began to question, captain:ledesma, actor, do you dare to say?answer:incense pot wit?ledesma, actor, what are you doing, how can i play, most pit, ha ha.

but this mlxg no pit, but very carry, 11 minutes, mlxg ritz has 8-1, a total of 13 people head oneself the home side.there is no one in the question he is an actor.

the last record as follows, the ritz mlxg last 10-1, and won the mvp, can saying is very carry:

in addition, four minutes of the game, and the adc wei ruth about game soldier line problem of some contradictions, mlxg is quipped with ache urticant words:young people don't be such a big temper, do you have and questions.after blocked his teammates.

you can see mlxg after a series of events was fined many times before, really is a lot of progress, and won't go to passers-by to smash, is a fun way to alleviate their own state of mind, but also play a very good record to prove himself.hope mlxg mentality can continue to maintain, this mentality to pitch, the rng state should be able to rebound.

for this mlxg questioning is an actress, what do you want to say?

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