when you smile is beautiful -- su xiaoyan


yesterday,"the hero alliance"official commentary su xiaoyan formally to the official resignation, resigned reason is"the decision to study abroad in one's deceased father grind".

in long weibo su xiaoyan wrote:"if let me choose a dream diligently to struggle for six years and loves the way the end of the business, i don't like it is in their own comfort zone a perfunctory, i prefer to say goodbye is a flat and firm."


a magnificently, four thousand words, but to read carefully, there are the marks of a premade and revising.a dedicated youth to"hero alliance"to explain the cause of girls, filed a pen at that moment, memory is a flood.

most people know su xiaoyan, first girlfriend because she is smiling.before this, su xiaoyan was only a ordinary college student, part-time model, the loyal users of""hero", the only special may be she is a rare female players.

in 2010, the"hero alliance"the first female explanation see su xiaoyan small pale, she was a in the audience who is chasing the player to sign.handguns for two years, graduated from the university of su xiaoyan, follow in the footsteps of smile e-sports industry into hot water.

what kind of e-sports industry is then?is learn bad"bad boy"home to play games for a living?or the"dark sector"recognized by people?or a minimum salary to chase the biggest pay distant dream?experienced people know anyway, that was a hard in the past, can only in the long dark night waiting for the dawn.

until ipl5, we team 3-1 as fnc won the lpl international competition in the first trophy, we in europe for the players and staff crazy to celebrate the victory, in front of the domestic video commentary su xiaoyan but silence, even after partner words of explanation.

she bowed their heads and try to make yourself calm frequently, said:"i'm a bit excited."her heart will probably have to fly to europe, to fly to smile, to fly to and we together to celebrate the hard-won champion.

is not a player like to laugh, smile to their own professional id the name"smile", rank id is"you're beautiful when you smile."

just like all the beautiful love story, a smile and a su xiaoyan, two people together in the same field, a desperately want to take a training on the field s series champion, in a commentary on study professional knowledge, do their homework want to be a qualified"hero alliance".


and su xiaoyan female explanation have mushroomed in general, from the same period as the e-sports industry standardization, the existence of the female narration has become the indispensable professional field.

lpl professional league also there has been a qualitative change in the process, both successful system competition system, also has the tendency of star formation, e-sports industry began to infiltrate into all walks of life.

on september 1, 2014,"the man is installed"fashion magazine released official weibo message,"hero alliance"of four female, su xiaoyan, building, millet, small pale will hit man is installed, and took a set of large-scale publicity for the magazine pictorials.

but on this day, smile on weibo announced his retirement, and said"i am a very competitive person, experience of too many wondered whether i should give up, also thanks to my mother and my girlfriend always encourage me."

every transfer window after the king, the king to garrick smile back to rumors, various fact uninterrupted.although the smile is a man of fierce temper, every time will still be patiently explained to water fans and friends:"unless i reached the peak, i won't return."

su xiaoyan way of farewell, and had a smile service is extremely similar, at the same time don't give up and miss, but with a passionate and firm's farewell to love say goodbye.


once exalted trophy we five people group ceased to exist, or retired or transfer.and saw we five people win su xiaoyan, challenge is still in the e-sports industry forward, just more and more"lonely".

lpl in the competition of the new and old alternate, is the inevitable result of the ability to respond to request for professional players.but the explanation of the old and new alternate is more practical reasons.

small pale, millet in recent years, building and other female explanation fade out the lpl audience's field of vision, the later generation female explanation bella, small ooze, small also go away after a brief appearance.interpretation of the veteran lpl wawa was revealed in the interview, e-sports circle live the most profitable, e-sports dream or think you just want to have few women glows in the commentary."two reasons for this not only makes the female explanation of now less and less, even the new explanation is rarely came to power."

as su xiaoyan himself points out, she barely missed the lpl and international competitions in recent years, she appeared in all parts of the world, the professional level, has been doubt is mocked is vase already see, morphing into a mature, intellectual lpl explanation.

maybe because smile, perhaps the most glorious era, because seen we su xiaoyan always claim we woman, even in peace after breaking up and smile, even if we through restructuring the demotion, almost su xiaoyan we still love, just like love her career.

two low-key man, even so light, break up, no blame no hype, some just don't give up to the affection and tolerance for each other.four

su xiaoyan nor avoid custom sign during live dividend live platform, but after a short live"hero alliance", she began to read addiction, whether work-related"hero alliance universe"or fiction books"three body", are the favorites of su xiaoyan.maybe from that time onwards, su xiaoyan has slowly to determine their own goals.

open her weibo homepage, she like out-of-touch crisis.besides occasionally share lpl game related, most of the time doing the thing that oneself like, reading, travel, watching drama, cat, exercise.

"you willing to explore, will leave the road in your heart, when you need, this road will appear again."

at the beginning with"the only reason why i come here is to do a explanation", to study the reason was now one's deceased father grind, su xiaoyan always know what they want.on leave lpl interpretation of that day of, even if ze park hinted that she say goodbye to the audience, but from beginning to end su xiaoyan smiling, never say one sentence has nothing to do with the game.

"you're really beautiful when you smile."

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