desperately: much-anticipated!the royal preceptor questioned the anchor soy sauce open perspective

a chicken lunar new year for universal a host team has been questioned after being postponed, circle bosses and the parties, however, each big bbs water friends is also vary, there are many people asked hammer around the royal preceptor why don't you come to talk about this matter?today the national tv royal preceptor to a tweet dialogue soy sauce, doubts use the perspective plugins.

the original weibo

today again and again see a net friend send me this video...and then i take headphones(apple headphones) and see a few times...then i want to say...would you please explain why there are 25 cases of [email protected] soy sauce ah how can you know if there are three people?don't and i said is too small/nose and how do you see the grass behind the phantom tanks?i was grumpy [email protected] live platform everyone knows i hope you don't blame me for this video it seems to me very like to use the"perspective"and so i tell the truth[] are not simple also hope [email protected] explanation small desert you can understand me...character you know i hope[hug] don't because this affect our brotherhood, of course, if i convince to explain, i go to ningbo and you apologize[bowing] ps:my afternoon back to beijing and i have seen the other video players do answer[eat the melon] and"you", please do not use this weibo everywhere, i believe my platform will not take sides!i just want to say what say what who can't or so i thank you.

although all have their own studio in the four parties or weibo is explained by the operation of the people question, can some audience seemingly aren't buying it.for it, for example, there is no wind shoot shoot casually scary operation, heard the gun will determine where two teams have not three or more?or soy sauce to see three people, one is submitted to the point that was due to sign up for some, is a professional game saw people for this explain the audience more brief, asked why not directly at four?sign up for the number one thousand is a lone wolf you will delay aircraft and so on.

in addition, there are also netizens questioned royal preceptor in ceng heat or for a national chess such words.this royal preceptor, said:"i'm not anyone's pawn"

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