cf white shark signing e-sports dnf xu xu baby penguins, thumb up white shark: waiting for your good news

as cf lifelong honorary members, ambassador, white shark in the dragon's expiring contract, signing announced on february 7th night e-sports, penguins and debut on february the same time, the dnf baby xu xu is also a little bit of praise, and wish the white shark on the penguin is getting better and better.

dnf big xu were canceled more than 4 days, at present had still not returned to live.the future is to choose to stay in the big players are very concern xu dragon ball, or choose to move to a new platform.the big xu praise or pointed?suggested that is going to move to a penguin?

actually big xu yesterday published a lengthy account weibo this event process, which means it is willing to abide by the contract spirit, roughly in dragon ball, and said can accept lower pay and more tough conditions, but the contract is still group to play back, the leadership of the dragon did not say.

ps.the microblogging is issued, suspected by the public relations, has been deleted.

has several days did not speak of xu xu baby, everybody is very miss him, the future no matter in which platform, will go to follow him.small make up also hope that the old crane quickly come back to live, everyone is waiting to see you live to rise!

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