exo e-sports teams set the first line of the difficulties was fight fans and players

cast idol's aura, actually lu han also is a young, some of the two boys, and everyone else he also love the game, from king glory to him desperately.so the exo his hobby into a career is actually a good thing, to use its own love bean identity promotes the exposure rate of e-sports teams.but no one thought that the first crisis from lu han the quarrel between fans and gamers!

both sides has a problem, first to see exo fans side

mostly female powder is given priority to, you catch the opportunity is a wave of publicity, fan touchscreen is serious, with exo tag is too much for various for most players.and most are not interested in friends said just investment was lu han fan scold prick silk.homeless and club sky, swim etc and threaten the game.

is certainly has a problem, of course, some prick silk attack players lu han looks delicate too is a horse.

a word make of cigar smoke.was a good thing you are with the"keyboard","the dream silk"and the"sissy"quarrelling.is a thankless job, rather than spend so much time beep each have each good.such cross-border objective is actually useful to everyone, hope everybody can moderate a little speech, when the surface of a brother.

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