early teens to drop out of school to play lol professional results two season high grade gold one?

with the development of e-sports industry hero alliance, electric hero alliance campaign hand the professional identity also gradually accepted by the public, lpl many players are now millions of value, and must level, after revelations of payroll or club recruitment can be seen on compensation, under the condition of the hero league club, being living, monthly salary can see tens of thousands of personal ability, there are twenty thousand or more.and everyone is worried about before playing professional youth is to eat rice, but as the whole industry chain of mature, the players can choose to live after retirement, transformation as a coach, club management personnel or enter the game company and so on, after the selection of the development of more and more, people also gradually eliminate the worries, so"to play their favorite games and earn money,"the beautiful expectations that e-sports industry more and more young people are full of yearning.

small make up recently, just on the second day he saw a young guide your e-sports netizens posting o dream.the teenager said he was a teenager students, school is not very outstanding, but is interested in the game, even in the class want to hero lianzhao lol, want to concentrate on the game, so ask netizens guidance.

you can see the teenager paragraph a gold one, but he said is gold, because only the weekend to play, play a dozen to a week.now does not intend to read specialized play lol, a week can play hundreds of words, soon will be able to play on the master, not boast forces with you said.

small make up to this and that kind of feeling:young man, too young!

let's take a look at the rng team in the recent recruitment plan of the selection requirements:

other all don't say, han2 fu2 drill more than a dan or the clothes of the king, only this one request on your neck!

but netizens to pursue young has always been very warm-hearted, very straightforward to teenagers are proposed:

after all, a gold just want to give up their studies to a playing career really think too much, nagging point said, we also don't want to see it, i think the young family think so too.because as parents think:i don't know your playing career is good, i don't know are you going to play after the career really fit to eat this bowl of rice, in these uncertain circumstances, the only thing i can sure, read more books to improve their cultural level of knowledge, there is no harm.don't know how to see you?

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