by trap external affair open the national team of four people live to clarify: believe official blue holes will have to clear

believe that a lot of chicken gamers are noticed in yesterday in the final of the universal chicken lunar new year, because only a few team questioned qm team created the withdrawal storm it hanging them, was scheduled for the evening is also forced to postpone the end of the final.after less than a day time, it caused a heated debate on the internet, internet users are involved in qm team whether open discussion.this afternoon, qm team four party members chose the air on face to face with netizens questioned, and suspicious of several operation has made the detailed explanation, then separately will clarify the video upload the microblog has carried on the statement, and expressed the belief the official will give you a hand over to treat.

from the perspective of speech on the internet, and internet users of qm team hanging open to question mainly in the following aspects:there is no wind several puzzling flicking grass and jumping container(question perspective), mr.not found the ak and send out the vg ak20 trooped landing(perspective and from aim locks), and soy sauce as quoted"voldemort"eagle eye(perspective).for these netizens confusion, qm team players also gives the explanation:

there is no wind to explain a few times sweep grass because he heard a car(live explain the first view sound is obvious), for the sake of safety, he shot selection threats(at that time, he and his teammates dispersed, he was the only one who keep room).

question of perspective, there is no wind play seven rounds of ammunition, he is still some distance from the prospective heart

shot out immediately and jumping sweep into the container, because he was ready to throw smoke run laps, but due to the cutting gun used in window instantly and cut the smoke to 2 key gun, found out a shot is wrong, no wind immediately in return for the smoke and throw out run laps.

at the moment there is no wind to jump the window with the smoke

jump when the window is used to cut into ump9

so should throw smoke has turned into a shooting

consciousness errors without wind immediately cut into smoke

the most helpless of the four jersey to iraq, he said that did not fall to the ground found that ak is pure internet users are not familiar with the goal to him, he was before landing is called"the roof no gun", and said"this is ak"is at another house has picked up ak teammates rascal, many people listen to their voice mixed up.(saying the voice of the two do not distinguish) as for ak20 send out team, team perspective of complete playback is given, then the vg team did not move all the way, like sitting ducks to mr.shooting, video of mr.also does not appear obvious locks and the aim of the operation, target changes happened many times.

the officer micro release the misgivings of ze weibo

vg team perspective dynamic figure

soy sauce is the main suspects that"there are three people", because in his position at the time the first perspective should be not so accurate, the number of soy sauce explanation is habit will much newspaper, such as somebody saw grass, he will quote team as a whole, let teammates vigilance.he also posted a replay screenshots, from the point of capture, soy sauce perspective within three people is not accurate, say two or more than three is more accurate answers.

replay perspective of soy sauce posted pictures

the above is the qm team player's answer to the question, can see is the heart, as to how compelling force that's views.actually things after a day of fermentation, celebrity's attitude had changed a lot of circles, such as the famous microblogging"v"freak afternoon sleep", wei god and lgd coach said mr.ak4 kill dreams shine is not the problem.was the first question mr.armani didn't deliver on their"makes a more complete video, and personally individually analysis explanation"promise, silent for a day.

wei god's weibo

the afternoon sleep crazy weibo

lgd coach dream fine

armani's first weibo

have to say that the wave is really hard for solving the things on both sides, unfortunately, melee under some of their a news platform, under the news about the national team is filled with a lot of water army comments, how natural purpose self-evident.

a platform at the same time water army account review

as an outsider, and hope this matter will eventually settled fact, in the end, the net friend or determine a proleague exactly have hung with subjective cognitive, such as at the beginning of lol go"a monster"was faker and 'high-profile players for open script and report for many times, but the final result was proved to be"a monster"has developed new routines.the storm, too, the only official can verdict is blue hole, then spray or apology will naturally have a conclusion, before the official results are not out, choose to eat the melon reason may is the best way.

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