dnf players because of like yang mi ex-girlfriend theft behavior not only still out equipment also ran to fry regiment provoked outrage

recently, because fried regiment was tieba players one district hang biao, no master account by former girlfriend stole interpretation, and all his equipment points still, only change and silence, no task product pass!

bombed several:

according to the lord, according to the number already and his former girlfriend for more than 20 days, always thought that she doesn't know your account password, and she also won't play dnf, but never expected, not only still equipment, also ran to fry.only for main pier like yang mi, and former girlfriend very hate yang mi, so to make such a thing.

the master and his former girlfriend chat record:

it is a lot of players,"actor", main pier with their own warehouse, said equipment are all still, only change and silence, no task is tasted.if is the"actor", as to do that?ruined number?

small make up also is quite deep feeling, this how the enemy?yesterday's lover, now turned into an enemy...

however, or someone not letter, think the acting is good, it is the"actor", how do you?if it really is an actress, do it a little?

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