dnf: player businessman dui bask in a few years in succession each treasure horse instantly see smiled


when it comes to the player's figure, it must first say a player in the dnf is how to make money?after all, the figure is not unfounded, handy, are all players insist for a long time accumulated.

the main way to make money in the game players have to move the brick, the auction house selling(the so-called black, first statement, small make up is not black, not black, not black, small make up just to buy or sell something in the auction house, never brush horn to buy and sell things...copy), and ann thun, luke.

for party move brick, first of all, the dragon daily tasks done, after all, is the abyss of free tickets, materials, brush the dragon figure 2 is better, perhaps one vote dragon graduated or deep spar, it is possible.then suggest to power stations and randy clay brick factory copy, here is rich in meteorites and burning mocha stone materials, and gains can also.

the so-called earn money, need businessmen have certain money, no money, can be gained by moving bricks brush figure and as a businessman to resell.is actually very simple principle of businessman, and the price is the low price, earn price difference among them, this is the place where players hate black business, players mainly by moving bricks to earn money, which makes the player's hard-earned money, so think about all angry.

players and businessmen for their own interests, playing were drying up to their respective collection figure for many years, but he is laughing.

businessman:money, take a look at this is business opportunities.

this horn whether can save a villa...

player:look at me,, and see who is junk.

the birth of the bud is going to rise?

is a player with businessmen fight the trot, but when you are next to steal to smile, thought i don't want to lose to the richest man?

net friend:is that old kui cried.

horse it is long.

q horse still recruit drag for me?

yes, i made maradona also fall into the richest.

yes, old lost, kui smiled.

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