lollck: skt send lck finally a first win an emergency change into wolf

beijing time on february 1, lck spring and the third week by skt on the third day of the second game against an mvp, the two teams respectively is the ninth and tenth lck, far the game did not win the mvp is spring, from the historical record on the mvp is never beat skt, but never expected is the first game mvp just won the skt!

the first inning skt have chosen rare single head on and got the support of to the faker gary the of great ability.

the smooth development of the 10 minutes, in the competition for the first baby pig sister had little dragon with his own life, but the wave under the regiment war also played the way a lot of skills, lead to zack and gary the continuous struck tam on the road again.let the faker got two heads.mistake, but then faker in two waves faker in support of the way the mvp was caught sent two waves.

mvp has made no small advantage, 23 minutes ez in middle fierce wave skt chose the regiment, but the captain after the big recruit support timely mvp struck zack dragon.but the mvp in off the road when the tauren decisive flash drive in the three people with gary the mocking 3 people, skt perfectly 0 in 4 a supplement to the wave of economy.but economic leading mvp is enough big, and output huge the first two dragon game mvp from luyibo under the tower after the win first win of the season!

at the end of the first inning, skt emergency substitution, will have to make a wild wolf changed back to the secondary position, wolf can become skt"li3 ge"save skt worth your waiting!

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