canyon maps play 3: highlight is series in the new year coming again after redo luna!

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a:i think it's all have seen the king valley for the third time change in the new year, new year dress up feeling this time is just ordinary, not very prominent place than before two, first for everyone to look at the start time of moving picture shown!luna is the window of the redo after;recent official will always be in a variety of channels to penetrate luna redo, meaning is to let you slowly accept this fact!

then see the canyon on both sides of the base:red lanterns and red ribbons, red carpet, firecrackers gift box;at the same time, the sky was still falling snow and the new year the first starting from the ravine base~ but smaller than the base for how to feel red than blue festival a lot?may be because of the color~

then is red and blue double buff is also a certain optimization, two dad put on new clothes, it looks quite lovely, but less than think of the new year red blue buff dress up without first two good-looking, before two are on the walls of the buff off firecrackers, gift box and so on!

two of the king valley bosses during the new year is also added some new flavor, add two bosses on the nest few lights and everyone...less than the individual feels out the new figure is not to buy too many necessities to decorate, is no different with usual...

the new map some bright spots should be slightly above the two!on both sides of the two tower and highland tower(where everybody went through stones) plate with a dragon, lying a tiger.this is good, how much for this time is not much change in the skin increased a little breath of the new year~

the last little river walk the river also back the gold ingot, breaks down melody, this is in the fire?will become more valuable?after all, much more than a big gold ingot~ is the highlight of the new map;it is less than think the most important is the first move in the figure the new luna...official give players indoctrinization slowly, when we numb luna conference line!

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