petition to block china!eat chicken players abroad are held a mass protests

after the survival the jedi launch formal version 1.0, although the game experience to become more perfect, but there is a problem with difficult eldest brother still follow, needless to say, you also know that is this short a month of time, the already rampant plugin problem is intensified.

the steam store now survive the jedi's comments page almost submerged by red bad review.around 80% of bad review are directed at plugin problem.more players part pointed out that, in almost every game to be able to meet this plugin.

you can see, the poor evaluation soar recently

to survive the jedi in three weeks ago is still a good game, now is a garbage, there are plugins

although survival the jedi plugin problem belongs to the early trite, before i also have discussed behind the plugin's principle and its related industries, but this seems to have some different things.

a month ago, on the issue of the players have been complaining about cheating, the father of survival the jedi brandon green in an interview with the media had said"the game 99% of cheaters from china".this sentence as the title, the relevant reports of widespread, to a certain extent, caused a foreign player for the chinese cheater extra attention.

in order to"99% of all cheaters from china"for the title of the news and posts in foreign websites, widely circulated

finish the sentence, brandon explain further the green, he said:"it is not just china, cheating now have a good market all over the world.but from geographically speaking, china's cheaters does much more than anywhere else."

in fact, there has already called for player lock area, for china's ip does not allow chinese players appear in other server, in order to purify the game environment.

brandon calls to rational view of the problem:

"i don't think the lock area is a good idea, although most plugins from china, but does not mean that chinese players are cheaters, because a few guy and denied breaking the rules the country as a whole, this is really gone too far."

brandon said there is no problem, because the current survival the jedi play home, account for most of the chinese people, once more than the vast majority of chinese players were also victims of plug-ins, they destroyed by might be more serious than the european and american players.

at the same time, brandon is promising to use new anti-cheating mechanism to solve the problem of plugins."the plugin does not look so easy, our anti-cheating system has decreased by 67% in the past few months of present, the team is training new plugins system, by means of reading data and some other ways, more quickly solve the problem of plugin."

just in front of the game environment is more and more bad,"the father of battle royale"promises a bit addition to the server list plugin ads that are always present their id is often a qq number.

even game forum began to fall, this information will be written in chinese.

in the quality of"square"appeared on the peddles avowedly plugins, leave a qq number, after they struck information began to brush screen.

in the blue hole is introduced on january 9, 1.0 after the upgrade, all dissatisfaction finally broke out at this the lower part of the official announcement, the first few pages are the discussion of the normal range, but soon began to someone with a"#regionlockchina"brush(lock off china) floor.

a few pages in the past, seems to be all gave up the discussion, in a variety of ways but brush around the"#regionlockchina", similar, there are more than 5000 scenes can be said to be quite spectacular.

in reddit bbs, related discussion in this paragraph of time is never stop.a post about survive the jedi update blue stick more than 1900 comments, in addition to discuss china the feasibility of lock area, many netizens say not just brush up"#regionlockchina".

it seems that these players are not only complaining.steam has seen a called"pubg#regionlockchina"group.

like comments area common to many games of"we need chinese!", in their introduction, but also in multiple languages wrote these words:"we are not racist organization, we just want a clean hackers"

seems to think in the comments section and blue posts refresh and can't attract the attention of blue hole, there are people in the famous public petition website launched a petition to blue hole company, objective nature is to make the blue hole lock area.

"cheaters from china more and more, let the game become dull couldn't even play, you've got to stop it."in the petition copywriter, they wrote.

in theory, if a petition number more than 2500 people, the letter petition will be sent to blue hole, the participation has reached more than 2100 people, and participants are still growing.

if we scrutinize comments will be found that the reason of so many people want to lock area, not only because the plugin.

"chinese players are invasion of north american servers, they will kill not chinese teammates, and unable to communicate.with annoying voice shouted in chat channels, it is too scary.even so, the game also call our racist, don't buy!"

this kind of situation seems to be not alone, someone found immediately.

"i also touched it, a team of chinese people don't have to in-game voice communication, but also for the sake of my equipment to kill his teammates."

these kill players sometimes hurt their own teammates.

in addition to these, the all-powerful in another game of"red shirts"also seems to be to survive the jedi.

in confusion and negative emotions, we occasionally can see some kind of dialogue, but these comments, and soon submerged by the"#regionlockchina"full screen.

"i'm a chinese player, after see these messages, i feel terrible.i feel sorry for you encounter these problems.cheating ruined the game players, and most of them did come from china.i feel ashamed for what they do, if we locked area, that is we deserve it.i will do my effort to solve this problem, but there are too many, i can only say sorry, i wish you have a good time."

and reply to another player he tao

"you don't need to apologize, if every chinese person like you, the game will become better, you is a good example!"

reality, even if the foreign players lock area can petition submitted to blue hole, the official blue hole will make a decision also is quite another.but for now"pubg#regionlockchina"louder, may also let a person worry, such a farce will bring impact steam china itself.

a month ago, steam community page suddenly blocked in mainland china, until now, the domestic players are not normal visit the community page.jittery, a rational player, nature is not willing to see something such as lock area, block in the steam platform, the platform has been unable to take on more risk.

plugins is unlikely to disappear overnight, the contradiction between chinese players and foreign players might be bigger and bigger.only one thing is for sure, a small group of the chicken for vanity, are slowly overdraw the vitality of survival the jedi.

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