dnf dads outfit beat the tortoise is said to soy sauce instant refund group single customs clearance the tortoise!


the tortoise outfit is said to soy sauce, also said that what is the difference with the stroke, outfit i still need to pull?blind is a line of professional, not to be taunted, not to be taunted!

although my equipment is not very strong, but the tortoise was adequate, dressed in all five pieces of equipment, trance three artifact, title is the strongest war"emperor", 3546 intelligence station street.outfit is not 90 b is strong, played gas tortoise should be very easy, but someone said that what's the difference between the outfit i talk to pull!

a group, in a blind man let me name in milk, i of auxiliary equipment such as this?i said to the blind, i don't have milk, the blind you said you have a good play, i can only say that my outfit didn't play well?blind sentence next moment to provoke me, you like what is the difference between with the stroke?"ha ha"even me!!!!!!!said equipment are i screwed up!originally i thought that the blind is very cow force, but after seeing the equipment of the blind, i silently said to the blind, don't you very cow?

the equipment of the blind, i can only"strong", only a huanggu weapon can see, i'm afraid that is stroke out huanggu, shouldn't let me change the blind him to output milk contain?this career is really super line the blind, not to be taunted, not to be taunted!

i did not ignore the blind, but for dads.single into the tortoise, only to be said into soy sauce, will prove for dads, dads and not only is auxiliary, and may be the main c!when a single customs clearance, the blind man did not speak, he can laugh at me, but you can not laugh at great spirit!

maybe you equipment is very strong, i have nothing to say, as a soy sauce also does not have thick, but the blind outfit should say that i am the soy sauce, it does not endure, as can be when the main c dads!

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