fantasy westward journey: players take fc someone said kui fluids that frighten me!!!!!!!

attention hao wang, bring you don't know the fantasy westward journey of skills every day!

just two days before the 8880 bought with 160 players will never wear, false fans shouted, 0 less goods, etc., anyway, meaning may be made!hao wang around dream today and another friend in number, and the price is not low, 50000 yuan, from the 175 level is not, is 129 fc, then this value?

well, you need not answer, but for you!

nu kui half!50000 to buy the number?that the brain has a problem!10000 deficit!carried away, the next one!

not ink, directly on the number, you appreciate!

take number 129 fc player live 50000, can kill people don't know!

the first natural fantasy westward journey is screenshot of payment, not on payment figure you can believe?

this is not the start picture, content depends on the make up!

fantasy westward journey this name, she made the tiger!

enter the game, however, received the mail, heart a little cool!

are you blind, unexpectedly someone ring price is 38200, down more than ten thousand directly?are the buyer really buying expensive?

buy is deficient, how sad!

next, equipment and see how much value!

110 displaced, darker vampire, gem is not full!

110 jade qing tactic necklace, just spiritual force is not very tall!

in 110 the bait hides the hook will be knife!

this picture has exposed the buyer server, from the three areas in shandong penglai island, hao wang observed, however, seem to jiyun floor personnel most server is the fantasy westward journey day!

130 simple armor, saying this is for the runes combination!

110 angry belt

120 sunder armor shoes

is a not complete set of equipment, 120 bright necklace!

the bait hides the hook sword

130 simple armor

ling said buyers are garbage, no hair, equipment and that's it.but hao wang feel to do not have a crystal clear ocean's big stunt really bad in the past!is kill plough the detective?

, next is the baby, kui not kui to see them!

omega supreme growth between good and evil attack information are good

this is the familiar failure, continue to the oven!say why you stole i law of good and evil away?you split the force?

even good ghost will

hao wang comparison like this one, like a ghost will shape, is a little lack of qualification, the new year, don't know if yuanxiao have eaten!

barriers doll

9 red vampire

this vampire though skills, but should not be very expensive, after all we have that dan gap, painting soul is better than these!

kill human split?

as fc, how can there is not one kill human spirit blade split, blade is don't know whether i spirit, the spiritual is not 110!the growth and tapping, hao wang think can work harder!

fantasy westward journey between good and evil vampire

warehouse unexpectedly also is hiding a few surprises!

5 skills crabs, personality but skills in more better!

sumeru fog cents

yes, warehouse have actually hiding this creature, surprise!this color is not too sao gas!i like it!

there are ghosts will, only use task!

there are only sumeru painting soul

is good and ice crystals incarnate the spirit only

well, equipment basic that's it, baby kui kui not how you look!

the price for the number, the buyer should also consider for a long time, also can compare, specific kui not kui see his hobby!

someone ningyuan spend 5000 to buy the angel pig, but some feel worthless!

how do you see?

like our fantasy westward journey, brave attention!

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