implied by referring to the 50-50 girlfriend articles smile, cloud color air gives back

about e-sports circle 50-50 is let a person crying with smile, smile and is 50-50 teammates, when the hero of the league career is very bitter is also very simple we just want to win, then two people each other is also a very pure brotherhood.later, they have retired, 50-50 development good once sat a fish on a brother, not bad in smiled and west card form de cloud color mixing in the live world is also popular.

as early as in early 2017, laughed and began to have 50-50, former teammate brotherhood broken slowly.towards the end of 17 smiled on fish activity for 50-50 mystery gift the brush of the waves, but also because this gift announced a clean break.50-50 swastika was long denounced smiled to brush gifts ulterior motives, laughing and not to be outdone studio complained of bitterness, two people break at that time a big, but it also involved 50-50 girlfriend uu, because uu frequent voice let many people questioned, even doubt 50-50 word long is from the hand of uu.

later 50-50 had an accident, the heat also slowly 50-50 scenery than had already, the pressure and only 1, but with cold off again, but to his doubts still color cloud platform left live three years to a bead, now the way i feel about two people a bit much transformed.uu 50-50 girlfriend recently sent a tweet about hair loss, the microblogging is a lot of people question uu is suggested to smile, smile hair loss, after all, to take off the bald.

no matter what are uu really suggesting that, but it was cloud color after air is given back, then smile and west card first imitate p tens of thousands of rap hair said to do.later said west card accelerator where moaning whinge-bags every day, although update desperately and 40 degrees where various every day.smiled accelerator, the heat of aerobic she rubbed my heat, her weibo picture is sb, tell someone didn't open computer, keyboard light no headphones don't play games.

although cloud color without naming names but you also know what, just say these things, how to say that, we hurt each other.these things and who to who wrong really not yet been determined, we did not talk about smile and 50-50 or and uu.remember e-sports anchor in once upon a time, they still wanted to do the content, but now seems to be a lot of the host is busy this various quarrel fight perhaps is the main battlefield, in some circumstances, of course, there are some things in also can't also love have to have, but for the audience wonderful live content is still they want to see, you think of that?

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