king glory: local tyrants freak show the value of the account was sister picture face?


actually, king glory is a very difficult game, play is not the average person, you said right?

we have to admit that local tyrants in the game really is some, and the number is not a general.

of course, is not what kind of people can be referred to as the local tyrants, the premise is to be convincing.

, for example, a recent local tyrants to show off the account, it is said that the account value 300000 yuan, terrible.

let us appreciate the value of the local tyrants, three hundred thousand account, only a few important data.

heroes and basic skin is full, the estimate is a lot of people may not reach things the rest of my life.what

like wu zetian, monty array, irene, frozen ares, dream is a kind of skin there is.

i think this need not i say more, mall is such a long after all.

this account is really very much, the skin is bad two closed exclusive cp no skin, estimate also don't want to take.

however, if only the skin can be worth three hundred thousand words, then said"no"in the past.

inscriptions, of course, is all some, and account or the glory of the king, this is known to all.

but what king of glory?this is the real key.

the glory of kings, second this really could be a money can't buy, this alone is worth hundreds of thousands of really.

because of honor is the only, the second is already very much, believe that soon the local tyrants can first.

however, the local tyrants is showing off his own account, was a great god applauded sister's face.

how to return a responsibility?let's take a look at the sister from the screenshots, really scary.

the sister account is that the hero and the skin is only seven, note the only seven.

against session only 152 plate, and then estimates the front is human, but dan is up to the king.

this is really scary, let's think about it, the local tyrants hero only full play to the king.

the sister is only seven hero will hit the king, and that i must have to send a hero.

you can see, all is a play of liu bei, 132 winning percentage is as high as 80.2%, this is really bad.

i would like to with this, estimates that few people can do, single king hero.

for local tyrants, applauded really face the existence of the 3 billion account was in front of the dark.

and the amazing sister recently completed an amazing achievement, let's take a look at this drawing.

you can see, the real 89 wins in a row, this basically is a miracle, is usually a great god anchors can play out.

the sister, is to make the face directly the local tyrants, 300000 accounts, there is really an unbeatable.

although the sister now only the strongest king 30 star, but i want to go soon after the meeting.what do you think?

the meeting when the wife of shop-owner said:"there are a few complained to my female colleagues, individual male colleagues and trivial, joking didn't bottom line, has reached the extent of the harassment."

the boss very angry staring at me, wife of shop-owner with the wave to the boss:"don't judge a book by its cover, not him."

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