break the question!wei reverse break scourge god circle rumors led the am team success to eat chicken!

destiny cup second round desperately, wei once again met scourge god, this one cup of destiny seems to be a big joke on 4 the process of competition, not his teammates drops is a scourge, run 4 am because poison and destroy the group became the god this time game wei the hardest thing to do.

as netizens said, this time and time again the scourge of circle is in store up to 4 am character.although encountered many times and 4 am is still against the player's personal strength and excellent team, the integral in this round of group stage is still in a relatively safe place.but in the second round game 2, 4 am also finally as a net friend said, after accumulating with certain character, finally met the mandate of heaven.4 am success not only 19 kill to eat chicken, wei god with small eye-catching also respectively killed 7 and 9 kill!very good!

this after the game, wei also in studio a vomit heart within god said, this one is the best seems wei haven't met to win such a game of god.and see wei god that the rate of 4 am to eat chicken, 4 am a fan of all brush with 7911 in the barrage.(note:wei when god first live in studio room number 7911)

words, this time should be the asian tournament, after 4 am in the formal contest for the first time to eat chicken?but for now the god, and that a formal competition is the time to eat the chicken.since 4 am held in pubg official to survive the jedi pss world china qualifying, was eliminated with the worst grades.after 4 am began to suffer from the internet and water army, even a lot of water army during the studio to take up the rhythm of god.

this time in the mandate of heaven to eat chicken, is god gave to spray the best fight back!hope god is able to hold the mentality, not affected by water army, make persistent efforts!in 2018, continue to refuel!

like studio will appear the barrage of 100%!they melody, wei sauce, feet every day oh!

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