sicong yi-ming zhang zhou hongyi burn melee live answer someone a win


recently, live the answer became a fresh air.the knowledge of our quick quiz competition and money temptation, let live once faded red again.

it is said that the answer to the live broadcast live a resurrection coupon, and live turn red of the game is still competitive.

sicong in the birthday that day, looking for live answer app the header assembly platform-"every day i bonus, i put coins, i'd be happy to."

this sentence""currency"rhetoric let live answer fire up the evening, the summit meeting drew 250000 players traffic sicong's 100000 for 250000, big deal.

cost-effective business, everyone would not let go.overnight, the correct platform to appearance.whether reflected guest live platform, chinese prickly ash, or watermelon video, trill short video such short video platform, join a live answering question.

watermelon video and trill are connected to the"million hero"answer entrance, and on january 10th occupied the appstore application list first and second position for free.

live answer on bonuses to attract users, the platform of the single field bonus basic it is 100000, and chinese prickly ash live single-game bonuses already broken 4 million.sicong in their circle of friends post:in the first week of 2018, sicong and coins, yi-ming zhang and coins, zhou hongyi scattered coins, serve on raw and currency.

this, zhou, serve on students in the circle of friends across the empty response, reflected the guest founder served on raw is said prepared 1 billion, will continue to go down.

what concept are 1 billion yuan bonus?a rough estimate, even if he and 1 million a day, can also sprinkle with small 3 years!it serves to show the degree to which the tuyere attaches great importance to the bosses.

each live answer platform in the same game.players must enter the mobile phone before the event end studio and there is no answer.approach after the host will give 12 questions, each question has three options, players need to choose the right answer for 10 seconds, 12 questions all right players can share the bonus.

if you are not careful hang up, don't worry about it, the game also sets the resurrection.

players to invite friends and family using your invitation code to download the app, can obtain the resurrection of the corresponding number, card in a mistake, the resurrection of card will automatically take effect.many people in order to win more opportunity to win money, launched the town came to attend, if you recently received a message from my friends, for a long time not contact nine times out of ten is to"promote"invite code.

this invitation code promotion way rapidly expanded game platform visibility and downloads.currently top live answer platform, you have today's headlines online in the watermelon video and trill"million hero","million winner"of 360 to be a partner with chinese prickly ash, reflected the guest live out independent app"cheese superman and back on the header assembly sicong, reports that a live will join the game.

live answering question not only need to take money to attract players, game experience is also very the host throughout the answer will have a chat, is that make the finishing point, if have some star platform, will attract more people to participate in.

"million hero"invited to the"science says"debater ming chen and actress ada as host, on january 9 evening,"million hero"disclosed that wang will appear as title officer, attracting fans to answer game;"invited wang han cheese superman"title, liweijia, xie, chen he, lee christmas as officer, and at nine o 'clock in the evening of january 10, opened a special performance, lee christmas in studio for internet users.

the chinese prickly ash"million winner"take the lead in cooperating with jiangsu tv, and the tv version of the answer, please show"a standing exactly"host luggage as host of the event, to attract users, the winner is the answer and the opportunity to participate in the recording of the journal a standing exactly.

this live the answer in the form of a startup is not home, but a knowledge quiz called hq software from abroad for reference.abroad, knowledge correct games has made a well-known variety"millionaire"endorsed, for chinese players, this is no stranger answer game.

after the 80, 90, should also has memories of"happy dictionary", led by wang xiaoya, a similar program"lucky 52","a standing exactly"and so on, will now answer game moved into the studio and is only in the form.

previous tv shows, only a few people to attend.compared to live in the answer to the whole people to participate in an, only worried about players outside in front of the television, everyone can be the answer to your live answer era, the whole people to participate in an can arouse the enthusiasm of more people.

usually don't have cold knowledge can bring you the real gold and silver awards, no surprise surprise, feeling is not moved?this kind is a talented and rich, men and women, old and young all appropriate, singles melee's activities, let a lot of"chicken"to the arms of group problem solving.

live answer the questions of science and technology, entertainment, sports, history, and other fields, the platform to the difficulty of the subject is different also.

such as"million hero a card off most of the player's title:"watermelon video"four word how many strokes are there?who can count them in 10 seconds?even if his luck in the three options, for most people, success right is not easy.

"million hero"on january 6 of a problem solving game, more than seventy users to participate in, only 23 people customs clearance, got more than forty thousand yuan per person.

but for the play"jump jump"to hang all the netizens, answer to use external win money more games.

the answer to every problem of only 10 seconds, your search must be too late, so the players to find the answer the great god in all the subjects, team building"can do" the process of live, group of friends, shared the answer to our mutual benefit.after winning a group of friends, will send out 2000 yuan in the group of red envelopes.

sogou using artificial intelligence, such as speech recognition technology has developed a problem solving software, at present this feature is only applicable to watermelon video and trill"million hero".but sogou says all the answers from sogou search results, are for reference only.

(sogou answer assistant usage)

knowledge correct no threshold, bonus incentive enough stimulation, so many people have left live answer app at night time.anyway, time goes by, to make money not beauty zai long knowledge?

the"million hero single-game participation have been more than million, participation of chinese prickly ash"million winner"game is up to more than in a correct undoubtedly after this new content to kill into the red sea.

each platform is still in a scattered coins stage at present, because everyone can't stop, the user running the bonuses, as soon as you stop, users will soon be flocking to other platforms.

however, the amount of live the answer more than high-quality online traffic has attracted the attention of advertisers.on january 9, has announced a interesting shop offer one hundred million cut to the cheese superman's first advertisers.also has a business and live in other answer platform to aid in the form of a single field.

the currency war who can and in the end we unknown, but live the answer to the user bring cash welfare is very good, hope that it will continue to be a fire, maybe you can also use the knowledge to win tens of thousands of bonuses!


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