blizzard games have been what makes old game of waterloo giant reduced so far?

too glide, which leads to the lack of new products?

once the blizzard starcraft,"warcraft", the three big blockbuster"diablo"ip, is a big game world.而如今暴雪娱乐的游戏你也只能喊得出那几款了:









world of warcraft, blizzard game update faster one game, but too bold update cause certain players afk, currently has the largest number of game players in blizzard games.

diablo 3, truly trying, as diablo sequel is unqualified.

bfs legend, every time a series of new card package is bound to have a refund environment, designers in the player, word-of-mouth is poorer, and the number of players more players atmosphere is quite good.

storm hero, has never been popular since release, real fans to work, but many series fans aren't buying it, can only survive by linkage activities with other blizzard games.

watch, the only new ip, now is in a state of half dead, has experienced the baptism of a lot of plugins and updates extremely slow the game continued downturn in the domestic heat causes.


you can see blizzard games are still active a few game, notting have is not used to ip.and new start ip"watchman pioneer"couldn't keep heat, happily.

update frequency is slow, leading to loss of players too fast?

we know that the game industry the most taboo is a new product launch too slow, and blizzard has stepped on the minefield.and blizzard in the hands of"diablo 2"published since 2001, the expansion after the"destruction"series until may 2012 issue of the third, and its quality and can't let also favour"diablo"by the players of this series.

even south korea ncsoft know to ensure that the original case crazy launch extensive use of"heaven 2"of the ip phone games, to ensure that the"paradise"the ip enduring, of which the heaven 2 guilds is the high-quality goods high-quality goods."heaven 2 guilds"in heaven 2 series of word of mouth has been excellent play home, update frequency is quite rapidly, at the end of 2017 to open double denier version of the"hunters"desert island, more than half a month will release a new version of the forecast, in the mobile game is updated quickly.

the watchman pioneer as a map mechanism as the important game content of competitive game, and the cart, clinging,+cart to this three play until more than a year after its release in the new play(scuffle mode), blizzard for version of follow up was too lax.and the pattern of custom entertainment is also a"long-awaited"by the player, only the long zai zai"beginning".

blizzard game operations means too extreme, leading to a large number of professional teams at home to dissolve

watch as a pioneer has world-class competition e-sports games, want to participate in the tournament, the club is to be handed to blizzard brand fee$20 million, which makes a lot of money want to participate in the competition is not abundant club quite a headache.yes, you have no wrong,$20 million, one lot is to be handed to blizzard you can attend the event, because many clubs to maintain operations, has dissolved, including well-known ig team(say a digression, the author is ig ice team small fans~).ig.the dissolution of the ice, owps live number halved, panda on cold from the highest peak in 1.2 million to 500000, to last an average of 300000.

blizzard pride and laziness led directly to the result of its status in the gaming world, now is the time when the game makers blooms, no players will want to be a game company like marionettes leads to play games.but also to live in at the beginning of blizzard doesn't seem to see through this, still trying to to when the player"daddy", sit is a leader in the game world.little imagine, by a large number of 3 a masterpiece full of game industry, is no longer at the beginning of the"age"of warcraft...

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