am destiny cup kill chicken!wei netizen popularity spans straight up w: god give me cry!

on canine teeth desperately destiny cup tonight, 4 am the first game starts in isolated storage for dropped into a"3 am,"and she also because"be born into a box"only god and marked two people, every time the scourge circle for players to ridicule wei god living their destiny cup into cursed-by-god cup?but first bureau of the record are ok, ranked the second inning, 4 am finally did not have the reverse buff, this brush is destiny.4 am19 kill succeed to eat chicken, and wei god studio sentiment straight up 600 w!netizens have barrage:to i cry!

the jedi survival game at the finals with all teams 4 am and jteam, jteam four vehicles do cover plastic is very good, but 4 am personal capacity and processing power of perfect, finally destroyed team jteam success to eat chicken.looks like this is finished before 4 am after a formal game for the first time to eat chicken?was very happy to see such, of course, fans still want 4 am professional live and have it all, god, of course, wei number 4 am, first of all, is a professional second anchor, come on!before it finally was jubilant and questioning voice suddenly all broken!

we finally listen to command!it's also one of the many feelings!look on internet users should know 4 am desperately played very humbled, it was a time when all black powder with the rhythm.this kill 4 am19 success after eating chicken, everybody happy like a group of children!

more netizens under 4 am officer bo message:save a year of personal character, finally see the circle of destiny, crying out, breaks down melody, 7911 upup!have to say the wave 4 am desperately eat chicken, really is swept away a few days ago, not only for their own team up great confidence, also let players drum turned to refuel!is there a word like"lost the fight together, win together"!the belief that god 4 am won't bring us down, continue to refuel!

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