why are you cheating?from the generation of the horse to despise the hang

/p>:i'm not sure if i can't reprint it without authorization.

:the most popular game since the spring of this year is"survival of the jedi,"which is what most people call"eating chicken"."chicken"fiery nature cannot leave the cause of the spread of the anchor, in the case of almost didn't do any marketing activities, to survive the jedi is spread by the host the opening shots in what may be the rhythm of the harvest.this year's"desperate survival"is not a marketing campaign, which is to create a sales miracle by word-of-mouth and anchors.

b station up the main"squirrel can't beat a hamster"after a set of frame flips video, trying to prove that the current anchor of douyu has used the outer hang in the live broadcast.

of course, the 50-50 also responded to this, frame by frame to explain his no hanging open, repeating his"contempt".of course, before the official decision, we can't make the decision easily, but we can upload some gif and let the officers confirm by themselves.at this level, the author believes that even the blue hole or tencent should carefully consider the various intersections of the interest chain behind it to make the final decision.but for many players, it's incredible because five or five of the most popular anchors in a relationship have no need to hang up.

automatically lock the car

after the game also automatic pressure gun

in fact, from the recent 50-50 in open cloud hung up, i think of is the first time last year, all the"yi generation o events".instead of typing and hanging, you can collectively call it a word:cheating, cheating can give students of 60 points a score of 90.e-sports is the original sin, and e-sports anchors are just trying to get a good result.

of course, once, had the grace at live once said generation killed mother justice awe-inspiring.after the final water came out, yi finally apologized and confessed to the action.cheating water friends named her"sima yi".after the"yi dai dozen"incident dust settled, yi yi also gradually reduced to a second-tier anchor, now if not to mention the generation of the event, perhaps a lot of people don't remember the name of yi.

is actually from the rise of avyi to the fall, it is not hard to see, for most anchors, for the early days, must have a core selling point.most likely ah yi fixed audience will think, they see the grace of the host, or the like, speak, or is the effect of diet live and laugh o fruit, all kinds of shouting, grinning, since black self-mockery way to let a person can't help but laugh.

if the title of a king is not electricity, the diet really able to squeeze?

, but the big reason they came in was the name of the avis studio, the king of power.if you don't have the title, how many people will go in and watch aon live?the funny anchors now have so many platforms, but the core selling point is the power of the king, and it's a woman, and that's why aon can fire.

look at present, diet, or this person, but not after the key selling point, has long been reduced in the crowd.the author stopped to look at it, and aon's style was the same as before, but the viewer had already transferred to other anchors.

, in fact, it's the same with five or five, and the technology is always the most important to this great anchor.probably a lot of people say, five or five open their own business is lol, do not have to eat chicken to hang.audiences can pay attention to the idea of bmsc, 50-50 live to survive the jedi time was already and lol 50-50 split, pdd even also said in the broadcast, in order to practice to eat chicken, under sowing after he will open a small specialized training, even small game time is 800 hours.it can be seen that lol still eats chicken, but the anchors themselves have already calculated the advantages and disadvantages and made the choice.

lol and to do as a king, most of the audience can choose good technology, desperately steel slip, consciousness of excellent anchor.to find out, it's starting from scratch, and most of the anchors belong to a small number of die-hard fans and most of the crowd.tullough was originally a backup of vvg.csgo, but after the chicken craze, with his strong sense and ability, leng has become a front-line chicken anchor.in contrast, the hugely popular dota anchor large wine god, although their live style is humorous, but level is not a line in the chicken, now live and popularity of the chicken have dropped, even worse than illusion.

the famously funny to eat chicken hosts

other chicken anchors, illusion, thomas, wei god and a+is belongs to the technical flow of top, they are all from the host, relying on their own technology to obtain a large number of preference.strength is their biggest selling point, and the anchor's personal style is second.

and, more importantly, the new content platform, if a host cannot maintain the strength of the top, so for most people the audience, automatically, to choose the strength stronger anchor.and that's exactly what it's like to be a big anchor, a small band, and that's the most important thing.electricity a king can let grace o lol selectively from three line anchor into a elder sister, if the host can't show crush on new content, which is again good live effect, no audience choice, he can live up to his price is worth of that day?

once glutinous rice is also worthy of a base salary of 500000 strong anchor

before official has been hammered into zi ba glutinous rice once exposure in struggle the panda tv want to the base salary of 500000 bought him to go to the panda live to survive the jedi.what was the only selling point of sticky rice at that time?it's all about eating chicken.and of course, the strong thing is the technology that comes out of the outside.


>so pdd and five or five of the top anchors have to come up with something that will appeal to the player.for most of the audience, the most important thing is to see the effect of the host.the audience is just like the movie audience.the work is not good enough to attract passersby, and it will soon be cool.

is like the movie"batman v superman", which is the most respected core cartoon fan, but the audience of passers-by unanimously gave the bad review.how to describe it?the movie, which grossed$170 million in its opening weekend, is a fan party.but subsequent box-office reputation tumbled all the way, because people don't understand at all, so one by one vote with their feet, and eventually fell to$261 million the north american box office, that is to say, all subsequent release of just less than$91 million in total.this is the difference between a passer-by and a core audience.

50-50 if just as food chicken, has steel and die, to jump, steel, death, and jump again.so instead of watching a anchor repeatedly fall into a box, why not look at the other anchor and eat the chicken?how did the illusion go from dota2 leader to a front-line chicken anchor?gun just, consciousness good, operation slip, so see more people.if pdd and five or five are really like a lot of people say,"just play around and the essence is lol,"then they won't be so diligent about eating chicken, they will continue to choose lol.

lol after tencent has been aimed at the phenomenon of the era of game

each game has its own life, even when the fire lol now also have to give way to eat chicken.now you don't eat chicken, other strength to eat the anchor.if you can't get the chicken, you'll have a hard time getting into the first line of chicken.behind the game is about to eat chicken game, after all, the more wonderful, exciting finals is other games and horse,"be born into a box"and"chicken"tonight, the audience is naturally prefer to see anchor can eat to the chicken.

:qqq is to compare alternative anchor, but the style can only remain in the second-line popularity level

live in the same way, if you are a secondary anchor, so if you casually, just trivial, hiding the toilet.your core fans know your habits and explain them to other screenings.but if you're a big host, you're not going to be able to do that, you're going to have to accept the majority of the crowd, so you're going to have to tell them with strength:i'm going to watch this live, i can eat chicken.

what if you don't play and don't play?avis's live-streaming effect is still pretty good, but it's no longer true.you don't have to take an examination of 100 minutes, each time but can't always get 60 points, cheating will be able to guarantee you every time in more than 90 points, this is not why the host selection means of cheating to live.

as tencent announced the clothes to survive the jedi agent, boom of the chicken is bound to further enhance at home, after a similar problem will appear again, probably 50-50 event will finally go away, but i hope the host at the time of live can still adhere to the integrity.if it's really exposed, the audience will abandon you sooner or later.


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