blue hole seal real hammer lou benwei really wants to fall this time

was destined to be a wild night yesterday, lubenwei, the horse flying, the grand officials have been pulled on weibo hot search list not only those in kaifeng, unexpectedly and lubumbashi wei titles, one of two hot search, is much, and then combined with others, has a"one word the meaning of the top".and that's the official real hammer evidence, which really broke the last line of defense.

the so-called official compaction hammer is, lubumbashi wei used to play before the jedi survival account"lubenweiwudi55"have been found out has been blue hole is closed for a long time.the time to be blocked was october 3, and on october 4, lu benwei played the game of the jedi, and the name of the game changed again, and the timing was so consistent that it was hard to tell.

the theme must be"50:50"last night, before the double fifth kaifeng, compaction hammer, said he was open perspective to hang another solid hammer"backpack pan"also on the out together.the real hammer refers to, in the luo wei's have a game of the game, he be born into a workshop, he at the time of pick up things, said he only backpack peace bottom pot, but the pan is outside the factory.

in addition to those that hang proved, another live event in the circle on the hot search for a moment, also it is wei god hand in hand to 4 am reform job-hopped to canine addition, there is a"smile five five open"the name combination also went to hot search.the only"brother"who might have been able to speak to him, though he was torn off five or five, seemed to be trying to help him speak again this time.

this thing, is likely to be lubumbashi wei fall this big anchor.the whole network's lubenwei rhythm, various real hammers have left him unable to continue.attention of e-sports tech-oriented netizens like, some emotions got off, all in"beating reservoir dogs", can cut all enemy is this step, this also is he deserve it.

the tencent official also seems to come forward, but it turned out that wegame high copy number.the news he released"announced the release of all the cooperation between the five and five games of tencent, and the right to ban lubenwei's landing in the land of the jedi, and retracted the rights of interpretation of the league of heroes."these are false, and tencent has not publicly replied to the five or five news.and now the fish official estimates are still struggling with the response has been given, and the previous fish handling drawings were also photoshopped.but mr lubenwei's fall may not be far off.

point of focus, update more game information on a regular basis, your focus is very important to me!

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