fight fish a columbia 5-5 jedi account has been sealed blue hole one final sound!netizen: wan?


,"the first runner-up of lol in the world in recent days, single lubenwei wu5, because 29 kill eat chicken, be questioned open hang, again put in the center of the, finally, some netizens have dug up five or five absolute survival accounts to be, five or five is a promise, who's going to prove that you're going to put$5 million on it, and you're not going to do it?

this is called"lubenweiwudi55"account is 50-50 ever recorded in the accounts on october 2, according to the steam game id to check the account information of banned exactly 63 days before october 3 is the last run game time, at the same time, 50-50 on october 4th recorded account is another.

this account has been identified as 50-50 banned after 50-50 live were instantly collapse, barrage by swiping a justice will prevail, your account has been closed, 500 w...looked at 50-50 barrage, instantly changed, then into the room went white looked at the horse feifei 50-50 looked at the mobile phone a stone-faced, finally 50-50 said:tired brothers, played for five hours, really tired...

account banned real hammer, haven't vocalize 50-50(although immediately added a in the first time the same account, but i'm very sorry, have a lot of netizens have videos and screenshots are ready before)

you said that the money is to who?did you find the guy who's been named, or was the first to question him?or the diarist with the help of the reverse?anyway, five or five open a real hammer, so he's got a cold fish?