lu benwei is guilty of taking a poison oath to his family: i choose to believe him!

, the most famous game anchor of the week, lu benwei was in the center of public opinion, and a desperate survival of 29 killed the chicken, which was questioned by netizens.if a host is known to all open hang how serious, before the magic sound glutinous rice hanging them by the official public statement after the broadcast platform is also zero tolerance to its, direct jinfeng his studio.there was also a long time ago, when a female anchor, aon, was beaten by a real hammer, and the effect of this deception on the audience was very serious.

lubumbashi wei to clarify himself couldn't open at that time, said at the time, if someone real hammer gave him 5 million, the results have a up master and his bar.he made some of his own video, and tried to hammer him out.he gave a variety of self-insinuated responses, and he also had to defend his rights through legal means.then a lot of up lord came out and tried to point out lu benwei, and the squirrel didn't beat the hamster, and at 16:22 in the afternoon of 12-02, the up lord should be the last to respond.and that's what the up main title says, if you really put$5 million in, i don't want to burn me, i'm dirty!

for the master of up, lubumbashi wei also responded, said his legal means will not the same time, i will continue to prove my innocence, saying that i don't shy away from it, and i don't promise to do so.lubumbashi wei also said that the biggest sks, about the question:"now that i sks 10 frames of video, i've made, have a professional player he hit a higher level, what is he doing the video."

lubumbashi wei said have plenty of time don't try so hard, to open it, lu wei also hair poison oath:"if i open my dead family!i will die tomorrow directly in the huangpu river, body sink sea, dead body, dead body!"xiaozhi said on the live broadcast:"my gang is so heavy with poison oath, i choose to believe him!"now, lu benwei has taken his family's oath of poison.what is your position now? welcome the comment area to express your views.

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