lol 55th to demonstrate the mouse dpi pressure gun operation again: notice my hand amplitude?

now lol anchor equally open to hang the things have been increasingly be handled, and he himself after several response, also this afternoon for many netizens questioned the mouse dpi before giving a wave response.

50-50 offered himself first mouse parameters:

i'm a irocks mouse, my dpi is 800, the game is 45 normal speed, opened all the sights, 50, and then my desktop is five speed, this is my the whole configuration of the mouse.let me now test a gun that is the most difficult to squeeze in a desperate survival, and that's ak47.

after 50-50 right day shoot first, after the forefinger points a gun shot, you can see gone with the wind is very serious, it's enough to see that this is indeed a chicken in the gun is one of the most difficult pressure, some people say he r(reload) key may be external switch, and then in the same way a few rounds of ammunition, prove the r in the bullet is not external switch.

in the end he is evaluated using the method of his gun, let the audience look at his hand movements.

you can see lubumbashi wei at the time of pressure gun, shoulder does not big moves, but the gun pressure also can only say so-so!!!!

for this explanation, how does the net user comment?

in fact i am to be honest, it has not just responds this way i can solve, because this thing has very big, now must have a third party, or to prove his innocence, or a hammer hammer die, otherwise it will be endless.

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