how do you look at the five or five real hammers and you only see the surface


hello, i'm serious about your nonsense."for the most interesting and up-to-date information on the game, you won't be able to find a girlfriend after reading this article.i'm sorry, the car door has already let me weld, this is the car that goes to the kindergarten, the seat is stable~

recently, the game circle is a little messy, and the gods fight with the immortal.recently laughed and quarrel 50-50 event that calm for a long time in the circle game suddenly busy up, when things come to an end, once the brother lol a little wisdom revealed in his hand has a list of anchor to eat chicken hanging open.

so little wisdom after evaluation 4 opened smile day.en, finally could not help but reveal the open list of anchor.but the little mind mentioned only two men, the horse and the officer.both of them were not very close to five or five, one was the number one in five or five, and the other was regular and five-five.

but in the end it because there is no evidence.

but everything changed, on november 22, late 50-50 in a wave in the live chicken unusual operation make the netizens found, in the video, the 50-50 d without moving trajectory teleport to the second person, like automatic locking, automatic target.

the last game killed 29 people and eventually to eat chicken, which makes the air blast.

one up for the main compaction hammer 50-50 desperately hanging open, and make a video, a sensation of the anchor, 50-50, after all, is one of the best selectively, if really open up filled the game, the instantaneous explosion.

and 5 may have also issued a statement and video clarification in the first what do netizens think about this?

this even the new"kong benwei".

usain bolt said:completely ojbk, basic operation.

your true love powder elder brother know?

, people have published their own unique opinions.what do the officials think?

well, today's article here, like friends under the point attention thank you for your support~